Age of War – Chapter 3 Release Date and Major Features

Greetings Exiles,


Steel your nerves, for The Age of War – Chapter 3 arrives on December 14! In this major free update, you will finally show the Stygians whose land they seek to conquer. Gather everyone – allies and subjects – and bring down the invader’s stronghold.



Public Beta


Test out the new content in our public Beta, which went live earlier today! Remember that this is an early access build and you will experience bugs. Your feedback, as always, is massively appreciated. Go forth and slay some bugs!


Catch Today’s Livestream for More Details!


Join our livestream later today at 5:00pm CET / 11:00am EDT on Twitch and YouTube, where we’ll be showing off the Chapter 3 features in action!


Chapter 3 Features


Chapter 3 brings big new features to Conan Exiles, some of which are quite unlike anything we’ve added before. Feast your eyes on the summary of the major features below:


Fortress Assault – Have you ever looked at the purge enemies charging your fortifications and longed for the glory of assaulting a castle yourself? In Chapter 3, you can. Among the ruins of al-Merayah, the Stygians have raised a mighty fortress from which to squeeze every drop of wealth from the Exiled Lands. Crush their defenses, fight your way into the inner chamber, and face the Commander of the Stygian forces. Gold and glory await the victor.



Open your own Tavern – What are legends for without a place for them to be shared and celebrated? Open your own tavern and then bring it to life. Once the barkeep has been freed from an enemy purge camp and settled down in your tavern, this dynamic area will over time fill with NPCs that you can hire as guards or workers. No longer does the wheel of pain need to be the main source of followers.



Battle Pass and Bazaar Cosmetics – Make your tavern really sing with a slew of Vanir and Yamatai-themed tavern placeables. Craft yourself the longhouse of your dreams with the expanded Aesir building set, and play literally the biggest chess-game of your life with the new chess tiles and life-size board pieces.


And more – We still have a few surprises in store, so keep your eyes peeled for news as we approach December 14.


See you soon, Exiles!

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