Celebrating 6 Years of Conan Exiles!

Greetings Exiles,

Can you believe it has been six years since the first Exile wandered across the desert and found the southern river? They may have promptly been eaten by a crocodile, but nonetheless it was a momentous day!


Exiles Aid: Support. Build. Donate.


In celebration of our 6th anniversary, we have teamed up with Tiltify to launch a fundraising campaign for Save the Children! Until 14 May, you can donate money to help children in need.




Donors can also bid on a range of prizes, including a savage, custom-made Conan Exiles statue.


A Year of Glorious War


Grab a pew and a tankard and let us regale you with a tale – no, not the whole tale, for it’s too long – but look below and let us bask in the glory of battles past.

As we’ve continued to welcome new Exiles into the community, Conan Exiles has grown and grown. Let us take a brief look back at all the new content that has arrived in the last year.

An Age in Conan Exiles, but a year ago for all of us, The Age of War launched, bringing Clan Hoards, Emblems, and a slew of combat and weapon improvements.

After you had journeyed across the Exiled Lands to amass your hoard, Chapter 2 saw the Stygian threat take note and send their might against your base in the fully revamped Purges. In addition, Chapter 2 added updates to loot, making it both more valuable and appropriate for the enemy type, its culture, and equipped gear.

In Chapter 3, the ability to build your own Tavern brought a much-needed refuge between battles, a place to trade tales and unwind. Meanwhile, the Siege of al-Merayah provided a new kind of challenge, and a clear target to strike back at the Stygian invasion.

Which brings us to the present. Chapter 4 has expanded purges with additional enemy types, as Stygia makes a final push to conquer the Exiled Lands. Heads are chopped off, impaled, and turned into red mist with the Fatalities system. And when Jhebbal Sag proclaims it, his Sacred Hunt Event begins anew, allowing you to challenge his champions and gain his favor.

It has been an incredible year, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next, as a new Age rises from the ashes of war…

Comic Con Stockholm 2024!

We just got back from Comic Con in Stockholm, where we had the honor of chatting with a whole army of Exiles.

The Anniversary Sale is now live, meaning you can get the Isle of Siptah Expansion at a 20% discount, or any of the culture DLC packs at 25% off. Thank you all for another year of adventure and battle!

Slay and Survive, Exiles

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