Community Spotlight 2

Welcome to the Conan Exiles community spotlight! This is the place where we highlight some of the cool things that have been happening in the Conan Exiles community. Everything from screenshots to artwork, videos, streamers and awesome mods will be at home here, so feel free to send in suggestions to what we could feature in these updates. We’ll try doing one every week.

Capture the Thrall

In addition to the beautiful castles and forts being built, some players decided to use these tools to create something entirely different. We’ve previously seen creations such as Put Put Golf with Trebuchets and multistoried labyrinths. Now comes a special event by YouTuber “Tides of War” dubbed Capture the Thrall, which takes place in an arena looking like something out of the Hunger Games.

The rules and description seem simple enough. However, competing and winning may be different story: “Much like Capture the Flag, two teams will go head to head, assaulting the enemy’s base, knocking out the NPC thrall and dragging them back to their own base. A point is scored when the captured thrall is dropped into their team’s Yog pit and sacrificed.”

Take a look at this preview video, and keep your eyes open for future videos of the event in full swing:

Build of the Week

This week’s Build of the Week goes to Reddit user ““. This French roleplaying server includes multiple different buildings, each for a different use. This includes an incredibly well-defended Smokehouse, a tranquil and inviting Merchant Oasis that provides many goods to purchase and sell, and the Stellaris Arena ruins that welcomes all to battle for glory.

Mod of the Week

An incredible and immersive mod that caught our eye this week is “The Waning Crescent“. If you want an extra element to your roleplaying server or overall convenience, we strongly recommend this mod. It includes produce stalls that you can interact with that sell certain foods or drinks, decorations that can add to the atmosphere of your pub or market, farming, and more!


Helpful Guide

Need some helpful hints or suggestions on fixing your roof? Or how to make your base stronger? Or maybe just looking to make a really cool building? Check out this guide written by “steitsch“. They’ve made this guide easy to navigate so you can find what you’re hoping to achieve with your building, along with pictures!

Get in Touch

Do you have any cool Conan Exiles stuff you want featured? Let us know! We’re always looking through Steam, Reddit, Twitter, and other sources for your creations but if you’d like to contact us directly, you can do so in those links.

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