Community Spotlight 9

Greetings! Welcome! Glad you’re here! We’ve got a brand new spotlight for you all. Like usual, this is where we showcase things our players have created. This ranges from artwork, to mods, to buildings, and more. We hope you enjoy reading about them, as much as we love finding them.

Life is PvP

This week’s artwork is created by “Tigre” on Steam. It is drawn in a way that acts like a Rock, Paper, Scissors game! Or rather, the circle of life. Mallet beats bow, bow beats dagger, dagger beats mallet. They do a great job of encompassing the PvP element of the game in a very simple but effective way. The character expressions are pretty funny too!

Stealth Traps

Need a crafty and sneaky way to hide your traps? Player “Snaked” on YouTube shows an excellent method on how to cover traps with carpet. An unwelcomed guest who unknowingly steps in the wrong spot may go home wounded and empty handed! Check out the video for a short tutorial!

Prison Break

Some of our favorite Conan Exile creations are the fun games that are created. We’ve seen death races, mazes, fight clubs, and more. This week we’re featuring a new event created by “penstarx” called Prison Break. They’ll built an enormous castle, reminiscent of a prison. In this adventure, you must escape the confines for your life. Here is a video showing the content of this tower, but keep your eyes open for the next video from them that will show this event in action!

Build of the Week

The build we have featured this week is incredibly impressive. Reddit user “” has created architectural masterpieces, in which each building contains a diamond design. This is apparent in the photo album they have created. They have created a lighthouse tower, throne room, an arena, and more. We strongly recommend taking a look at their pictures for the full details.

Get in Touch

Do you have any cool Conan Exiles stuff you want featured? Let us know! We’re always looking through SteamRedditTwitter, and other sources for your creations but if you’d like to contact us directly, you can do so in those links.

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