Dev Blog #14: Updates so far in Conan Exiles

It has been an exciting ride so far, since we started Conan Exiles Early Access just two months ago! It is great to see how many people have played and enjoyed our game. We would like to thank everyone in the community for joining us and helping us discover bugs and exploits and suggesting improvements and new content as we play and develop the game through Early Access.

Since January 31st we’ve had a ton of patches and added many new features. In the beginning, we were very dedicated to improving things like server performance and fixing general bugs. The team has been hard at work from day one to make new content and keep making the game ready for full launch in Q1 2018.

At the start of Early Access, we kept patching Conan Exiles almost every day, but have now tried to settle into a rhythm of patching once a week, with most updates being available for the community on our testlive server before they go live. After just a couple of months in Early Access we would like to take this opportunity to list some of the updates we have made to Conan Exiles so far:

New dungeon – The Dregs!

In the most recent update Conan Exiles got an all new dungeon in the sewers beneath the Unnamed city. The Dregs is a dark place full of dangers and tricky puzzles. Its final boss is a horrific nightmare, but well worth trying to defeat for valuable rewards.

The Trebuchet

Update 23 gave us new Trebuchet war machine. You can now lob massive boulders or even Demon-fire barrages at your enemies and crush their cities. The trebuchet requires some skill to fire effectively, and is vulnerable to counter-attack, but is a fearsome weapon in the hands of a dedicated attacker.

Dyeing system

Any piece of armor and clothing can now be dyed with the dyeing system. You can gather many new resources and make dyes in the firebowl cauldron. With them you can give your gear lots of different colors and create your very own style. Making specific color schemes can be very useful for clans, so they can tell friend from foe in the heat of battle.


With the introduction of the Conan Exiles Dev kit, anyone can make mods for our game, and in quite a short time we have seen lots of great and helpful mods. Use the Unreal 4 engine to make cool new content for Conan Exiles and share it with the whole community. A very cool mod called HomeBrew caught our eye recently. It introduces features like farming, brewing and baking with lots of new recipes and resources.

New gear

You can now wield many new weapons and equip two brand new sets of armor. There are new maces and warhammers plus a new sword, dagger, crossbow and much more. You can make the fearsome hyena armor, where the helmet is made from a hyena skull, or the scaly reptilian armor made from the all new reptile hide recourse.

Ruin system

To reduce the ability of some to claim huge amounts of land and potentially griefing other players, we have introduced a ruin system. Building pieces will become abandoned over time, if the player who built them is not near. Abandoned building pieces can be dismantled by anyone, so that they are now free to build there themselves.

More server settings

Conan Exiles has a host of very accessible server settings found in the in-game menu. With all these options, Conan Exiles can be played in many different ways. We have added many more settings since the start of Early Access, like for example introducing time-windows on when buildings can take damage or Avatars can be summoned. Be sure to check out all the different available settings if you are a server admin.

Exploit Hunters

Conan Exiles has had its fair share of exploits since the start of early access. We have tried combatting these as best we can as the community has reported on them. Those who help us find new exploits can now not only help the community, but may also get rewarded for their finds in the new Exploit Hunters program.


After much great feedback from our players, many things have been rebalanced and tweaked. Murderous spiders and hyenas have been toned down to make the southern areas a bit more hospitable. The feat tree has been tweaked, so players can get their hands on more recipes. Weapon damage has also been revamped, making more weapons viable, and some of the rare ones much more powerful.

Please stay tuned for many more updates with new content and features in the months ahead. Check out some of the great stuff to come here.

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