Isle of Siptah expansion now available on all platforms!

Isle of Siptah expansion is now available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation! It is by far the biggest addition to Conan Exiles and offers a brand-new map for you to explore, build upon and conquer.

Check out the launch trailer for Isle of Siptah and get a taste of some of the mysteries and challenges which await you on the new and dangerous island!


Conan Exiles on Xbox Game Pass

From today Conan Exiles is also available as part of Xbox Game Pass. Conan Exiles has been significantly improved for the new Xbox Series X and S, and in addition has gotten major fixes, performance and stability improvements in recent months.

For any new players it is good to keep in mind that Conan Exiles can be played on both private and public servers. On a private server the owner can easily control all server settings and exactly who they want to play with.

Massive new island map

Wash ashore the mysterious Isle of Siptah and battle for survival in this hostile environment. Explore the massive new island map and discover the ancient vaults of the elder races.

Survive the punishing storm which rages at the center of the island and fight against the dark creatures of the outer void which spawn within it.

Take control of the powerful surges of sorcery and open portals to the outside world. Face dangerous challenges and enter the ominous tower of Siptah to reap rich rewards.

Build mighty castles out of stormglass or protected tree-top villages out of flotsam. The Isle of Siptah lies before you and a new adventure is about to begin!

All-new Twitch drops!

Watch Twitch streamers play Conan Exiles over the next few days and earn all-new and unique items!

Link your Twitch account with Conan Exiles in the main menu and get your hands on the new Twitch drops. You can earn a brand-new outfit of the Watchers and exclusive placeables from the powerful Hyborian nation of Nemedia, such as flags and statues.

It will be possible to earn the exclusive Twitch drops for five days, from May 27th until May 31st. Check out the all-new and exclusive Twitch drops here.

Steam free week with exclusive rewards

Starting today, the 27th of May at 19:00 CEST/ 1 pm EDT, and lasting until Thursday, the 3rd of June at 19:00 CEST/ 1 pm EDT, you can play Conan Exiles for free on Steam!

Gather your friends and play together in the Exiled Lands. Fight vicious beasts, explore dark dungeons, build massive castles, and crush your enemies!

The more monsters and human NPCs everyone kills during the free week, the more new and unique rewards you will unlock. Get your hands on the awesome new Barachan Reiver armor set and Kordovan horse saddle. The unlocked items will be introduced to Conan Exiles for free in the coming months.

Learn more about unlocking the exclusive rewards here.

Isle of Siptah improvements in Early Access

Isle of Siptah entered into Early Access on PC in September 2020 and has gone through big improvements based on community feedback. Check out the trailer showing off these improvements here.

The island has been expanded with all-new biomes, gotten a host of NPC camps from three different factions, the environment and lighting has been improved, a new boss mechanic has been introduced and you can now gain companions by freeing them from cages.

Check out the latest patch notes here.
Check out the latest Xbox patch notes here. 
Check out the latest PlayStation patch notes here.

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