Oh, My Gods! <3

Foolish mortal! Just because you know a couple of magic tricks, you thought you could summon me, Derketo, the Dusky Goddess at your whim? You dare to summon me to… have a date? Are you for real? That. Is. So. Cute. Creepy, but cute. 

You know what? I’m definitely not dating you but I’ll help you score a date with one of the others. I am the Goddess of Pleasure and Death after all and you are bound to end up experiencing at least one of those two.”  

We, here at Funcom, are big fans of the Conan IP. You fought and thrived in this brutal world with Age of Conan, won battles in Conan Unconquered and brought your friends in for a… different fight in Conan Chop Chop. And of course, there is Conan Exiles. You survived, built, and dominated the land. And now you are about to face the final and toughest challenge yet: Love. 

We are happy to announce a new project: Oh My Gods: I Was Banished to the Exiled Lands and Now I Have to Date One of the Gods – A Conan Love Story!  

The protagonist, an Exile from Conan Exiles, is taught a ritual to summon and take the power of a deity to realize their dreams. The protagonist wants sorcerous powers and the means to summon the Stygian god Set. However, this ritual reads the soul of the conductor and the truth is… the protagonist feels lonely. The heart doesn’t lie and they end up summoning the God of Lust, Derketo, whose power can help us get a date. 

Not knowing any mortals, Derketo will act as our loyal BFF to help you score dates with those who she knows best: the other deities. 

Distinct Characters to Date

In  Oh My Gods, you’ll be introduced to deities, learn their other sides and see where your heart takes you. Just as with books, it is wise not to judge gods by their cover. When they aren’t busy destroying worlds with their avatars, they all have different interests and characteristics. But are they what the protagonist is looking for? 


Many Ways to Find Love 

Just as their characters, the deities’ tastes and expectations wildly differ. What you eat, where you take them on a date, and the kind of buildings you build is going to affect your relationship with the gods. You can decide these via dialogue options but we are working on proprietary tools to allow your Exiles characters building choices to be imported to Oh My Gods. 

Asking Yog to have salad or taking Ymir on a date in the hot jungle might not have the best outcome!

Divine Intervention 

Luckily, you have your BFF, Derketo to help you. Be careful about relying on her too much though – not only can she be tricky, but her intentions for your love life might not be the same as yours. 

Eat, Pray, Love, …Fight 

Even with the support you might get, the gods are full of themselves, and if two of them decide they both like you, they will compete for your love in a colossal battle of wits. Who will you choose to honor? Pick carefully, as there will be consequences. 

We hope you are as excited as we are. Quench your thirst in Oh My Gods: I Was Banished to the Exiled Lands and Now I Have to Date One of the Gods – A Conan Love Story! 

Until then, we’ll see you in Conan Exiles, where we just released Chapter 3! 

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