Update 2.8 – Follower emotes and server queues!

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re kicking off 2022 with our new update! 2.8 is bringing two oft-requested features: server queues and emotes for followers!

Coming with 2.8 is the ability to assign emotes to your followers! Whether you want them to look more alive or stage the new and hottest choreography this side of the Exiled Lands, this feature will bring new life to your army! Along with it, we have worked on a bevy of new emotes you can learn by interacting with new locations on both game maps, both for human followers and for pets. Groovy!

On the other hand, server queues will let you join a server that’s full without the need to smash that join button for minutes! Instead, you will now be automatically sent to a queue with other fellow Exiles trying to access the same server and you’ll join once a spot is available! This is also customizable via server settings in case you want this feature disabled or tweaked in your private server.

And bundled with these additions come a myriad of new fixes and Quality of Life changes that we hope will make your adventures in the Exiled Lands (and Isle of Siptah) more enjoyable. You can read more about Update 2.8 and all it includes in our release patchnotes. (PC, Xbox, PS4)

Thanks once again for your continued feedback and support and stay safe. After all, 2022 will be a very exciting year for Conan Exiles!

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