Update 22: Dye system and weapon balances

Dear exiles,

This week we are adding a new system to the game, one we’ve been talking about for a little while now: the dye system. With the dye system players can color and customize their armors and outfits in the game to add their own flair. We know this is especially important for players who engage in clan based play and for roleplayers who want their character’s clothes to reflect their personality.

To make dyes players need to go out into the game world and find crafting ingredients that make dyes: Brimstone for yellow dye, plant fiber for green, and so on. To make dyes you need a special flask. The recipe for this is unlocked on the recipe screen, but everyone can make dyes if they have the flasks.

Flasks are made by crafting a special mold in a Metalworking bench, which then goes into a furnace along with crystals. The furnace will make the crystals into glass, which will then be made into flasks thanks to the mold. Once it’s done, fill the flask with water and put it in a Firebowl Cauldron with a dye ingredient to make dyes. Players will only be able to make base versions of dyes, but darker and lighter versions can be created by mixing dyes with special pigments. Black and white dye is currently not available, but will be added later.

Once created the dyes can be applied to any and all kinds of clothing in the game. Want to make an orange and purple dancer’s outfit? You can definitely do that with the dye system. Going forward we will expand the dyeing system to allow customization of weapons and other items such as banners, tapestries etc.

New weapons and rebalancing

We read your feedback and we are listening. With this update weapon damage will be rebalanced. Late game weapons will be stronger than early game weapons and all weapons will do damage relevant to the level at which they unlock. Our goal is to make progressing to new weapons feel rewarding and more powerful for players and we think these new changes reflect that.

In this upcoming content update we’re also adding eight new weapons to the game: A stone pike, two maces, two warhammers, an iron axe, a new bow and a new crossbow. These will be of different tiers and quality and can be crafted by all players. Based on feedback gathered from the community we’re also rebalancing weapon damage and making changes to the crafting unlocks.

Finally we’re revamping how unlocking recipes in the crafting system works. This is also based on reading player feedback and observing how players have been using the recipe system. We’re aggregating a lot of the building pieces into single unlocks, meaning you will get access to more building pieces using less points. Triangles, for example, are now part of one recipe.

Weapons and armor no longer have linear dependencies, meaning you don’t have to learn how to make a Stygian Khopesh if you want to make a Steel Longsword. Basically, we’re making the recipe system less linear, opening it up so people can have more freedom to pick and choose as they like. We’re also adding bonus knowledge points every 10 levels, letting you buy a lot more recipes. You should no longer need to specialize as much and can mix combat, building and decoration feats.

Ruin system

With our latest patch we’re adding a ruin system to Conan Exiles. This is to take care of and remove abandoned foundations, structures and buildings scattered about the Exiled Lands. Some of them might be blocking NPC spawns. Some of them might be blocking off important areas or resources. After we’ve implemented the ruins system they will disappear.

Here is a quick overview of how the ruins system works:

Building pieces become abandoned over time. Once a building piece is abandoned, it can be dismantled by any player. Dismantling a building piece does not give any resources. If an abandoned building piece is not demolished by a player it will be demolished automatically by the server after more time has passed.

Every building piece and placeable has a score based on its type. Foundations have the lowest scores and will deteriorate very quickly whereas walls and ceiling pieces deteriorate more slowly. Higher tier building pieces also have a higher score. Looking at building pieces with a Repair Hammer equipped will show how much time a building piece has left until it becomes abandoned.

For structures (connected building pieces) an aggregated score is calculated by adding the score of all building pieces and attached placeables, multiplied by a DecayTimePerScore value (defaults to 0.5). For all calculation purposes the structure is treated as one: All building pieces connected together become abandoned at the same time and all building pieces become automatically demolished by the server once a set period of time has passed.

When the owner moves away from what they’ve built the structure will begin to lose its score. Moving close will refresh the structure, gradually filling the score until it reaches maximum. This will make foundation griefing tedious while buildings with active players will last much longer.

With default settings it will take around one hour of real time for a single building piece to become abandoned. If the building piece is not dismantled by a player during this time it will eventually become demolished after a couple of more hours. Structures that connect multiple building pieces will obviously take much longer to become abandoned.

The ruins system is very flexible and easily modified in the server settings. You can set how quickly buildings will become abandoned, how quickly they will disappear, and how quickly the score is refilled when the owner is close to his base. We encourage you to play around with the server settings to find what feels right for you.

Server resets

With this patch we will be wiping character inventories, storage inventories and all buildings on the official servers. This allows you to keep your progression but removes the aftereffects of several of the exploits and problems that we have identified (and fixed) since launch.

This resets official servers back to a level playing field, which will also give us a wealth of data on the new feat structure and weapon setups. We beg your patience, as always, and thank you for your commitment to our early access journey.

Announcing Exploit Hunters

We’re still in the early days of our Early Access adventure and there is a lot work left to be done before final release of Conan Exiles in Q1 2018. The feedback we receive from you, the community, is invaluable to us in making sure we improve gameplay, squish bugs, and solve issues ahead of that final release.

One of the most important things we can do to make sure Conan Exiles provides a fair and balanced playing field is making sure we eliminate exploits as early as possible.

To help us with that we will soon be introducing the Exploit Hunters program. Here we will be rewarding players who provide us with information about the most serious exploits. With your help, we will be better equipped to handle potential future exploits which can destabilize servers and avoid the need for server wipes after serious cheating by catching them early.

We will be providing more information and details on the Exploit Hunters program soon.

As always, please get in touch if you have constructive feedback and criticism. We want to make Conan Exiles the best survival game it can be, and we can only do that thanks to you, the players.

You cross awaits, exiles

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