Xbox Patch Notes (09/11/2017)

Hey all! We apologize for the short notice but we’ve released a new patch today that should help with joining friends in game as well as a couple of crash fixes. Please continue to contact us through Twitter, Facebook, or email for any issues you experience.

Patch Notes

  • Accepting an invitation to join a friend in online gaming works properly and is much smoother. It will no longer require sending two invites to a friend to join a singleplayer game.
  • Significant optimizations in performance when in highly populated areas
  • Fixed a case where summoning avatars caused client to crash
  • Fixed a case where crashing would occur when creating and placing buildings
  • An error message now properly appears when connection when browsing online server list is lost
  • Clan members besides the clan leader and office can now access other clan members’ Gamercards

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