Yogtober: Winners List

As with every building contest to date, you all have absolutely hit it out of the park with this one! We wanted spooky houses, we got spooky houses. We wanted creepy towers, we got creepy towers. Our team had such a fun time going through each one of these and seeing the creativity was mindblowing. But also, INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to choose. 

We’ll be showing the winners for each category, along with some honorable mentions. If you don’t see your lovely creation here, please share it on the forums and/or on social media and tag us! We know the hard work, time, and effort put into each one and want other Exiles to see them. 

The winners will be contacted shortly to inquire about prizes, so if you are listed here please keep an eye on your email. 

Unmodded Category

Cabin in the Woods

Created by Visenya. Please check out more pictures here:  Conan Exiles / Yogtober – Album on Imgur

Sacrificial Temple

Created by “Holy Moly They…” on PlayStation. More pictures here. 

Necromancer’s Tower

Created by Haidenex.  

Haunted House

Spencer Mansion created by Barden Builds (Twitter/YouTube). More here: Conan Exiles Yogtober Building Competition – Resident Evil Spencer Mansion (no mods) – Album on Imgur. 


Dracula’s Castle by 3LION. More pictures here: Dracula’s Castle: a submission for Conan Exiles Yogtober Building Contest (PS4) – Album on Imgur 

Modded Category

Cabin in the Woods

Baba Yaga House by Futerko (Twitter/YouTube). More pictures here: Baba Yaga House https://youtu.be/lWMg8Wqup8w – Album on Imgur 

Sacrificial Temple

Cursed Temple by Jingui. More pictures here. 

Necromancer’s Tower

Created by medusa_plays. More pictures here. 

Haunted House

Created by Capri. See more pictures here. 


Created by alineloba. More pictures here. 

Honorable Mention

In addition, we also selected a few entries that our team absolutely loved or made an impression on us. 

Submitted for the unmodded Cabin in the Woods category. 
Created by Treeyou on PlayStation. You can see more pictures here.

Submitted for the unmodded Gothic category. 

Created by Echo. More pictures here! 

Submitted for the modded Cabin in the Woods category. 

Created by Aegon. More pictures here! 

Submitted for the modded Sacrificial Temple category. 

Created by Accursed Berserker. More pictures here! 

Submitted for the unmodded Haunted House category. 

Created by Maruch (Twitter). 

Again, huge round of applause to everyone who submitted a building and taking the time to participate; we hope you had a fun time making them! We’ll be sharing a lot of these throughout the next couple of weeks on the Conan Exiles Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and implore you to do the same. 

This certainly won’t be the last building contest we’ll be hosting and we can’t wait to see what you all do then. Cheers! 

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