This program is not meant for reporting players using exploits.

We would like to reward our community for bringing big exploits to our attention. One of the most important things we can do to make sure Conan Exiles provides a fair and balanced playing field is making sure we eliminate exploits as early as possible.

By working together we can more easily discover exploits which ruin the fun of playing Conan Exiles. So please tell us if you discover such major exploits, and you may receive a nice reward for your efforts and for helping the entire community.


  • Write a step by step test case for the exploit so that we can reproduce it.
  • Include which platform you are playing on (PC, PS4 or Xbox ONE).
  • Include pictures and map coordinates (you get coordinates by pressing SHIFT + ALT + L).
  • Include revision number (lower left corner of the main menu or bottom of the escape menu).

Please include your PayPal email so we can reward you for your help. Also, please include your name or Steam user name if you wish it to be included in our list of rewarded Exploit Hunters.

Please submit reports in English only. We will unfortunately not be able to process reports in other languages. We appreciate your understanding.

Please note, you will only be eligible for a rewarded if:
- We were unaware of the exploit you've submitted
- No one else had already submitted a report on the exploit you've found
- We've deemed the exploit you reported to be severe enough


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