Answer the Call of the Wilds in Age of War – Chapter 4.

Greetings Exiles,

With a great snarling and snapping of teeth, Age of War – Chapter 4 approaches. When it arrives on April 2, keep your back to the wall, and scan the moonlit land for movement. In the Sacred Hunt, the roles of predator and prey are only revealed when blood has already soaked the earth.

In today’s feature blog, we will explore the Sacred Hunt Event, how to take part in it, the awards that await, and the terrifying beast that stirs at the heart of it all. Will you prove yourself a match for Jhebbal Sag’s Champions?

A New Camp

Once the update has arrived and night has fallen, the hunt begins. In the wilds at night, Werehyenas are ambushing lone travelers. Meet them with iron and steel. Should you survive, make sure to loot their bodies, as they may have a map on them with clues to your next destination. Alternatively, you may see a mysterious light in the sky. Follow it, and you will find the camp of Jhebbal Sag.

Here you will meet the Bloody Tongue of Jhebbal Sag, a priest of the Lord of Beasts, who will tell you more about her patron and his Sacred Hunt. When Stygia, in their arrogance and avarice, trampled across the wilds to invade the Exiled Lands, the wilds took note. Now, Jhebbal Sag has called for a Sacred Hunt, and woe betide anyone who gets in its way.

Beneath the ruins of al-Merayah, a cave has been discovered. There, you may discover more hints at what Stygia disturbed.

Speaking to the Bloody Tongue of Jhebbal Sag, you can choose to opt out of the Sacred Hunt, and should you wish to return to it, you can do that too, at any point. Opting out of the Sacred Hunt will prevent you from being ambushed at night, but as you will see, the hunt avails the survivor.

Werehyenas you slay will drop fangs which you can take to the camp vendor to purchase a wide range of new cosmetic recipes, including but not limited to the Throne of Jhebbal Sag, the Statue of Jhebbal the Skull Warhammer, various wall paints, and even a Werehyena Hunter Companion.

Challenge the Champions

Should you wish to gain the favor of Jhebbal Sag, you must hunt his champions. These formidable beasts, branded by Jhebbal Sag, are spread across the land, and must be summoned with special lures. The lures can be acquired from the camp vendor with fangs.

Armor has no place in these savage struggles of will. Shed it and adorn yourself in the ritual war paint of Jhebbal Sag. Weapons, on the other hand, are permitted.

Defeating a single Champion will not impress Jhebbal Sag. Your goal is to best them all, and with a prize collected from each, you will be ready to face the final Champion. The journey to its lair will require travel not by land but by spirit. The Bloody Tongue of Jhebbal Sag will give you the details on how to walk this path.

Within the chamber of this mad beast, you may uncover a shred of understanding into the nature of gods. Whether you will make it out is doubtful.


And for those who have uncovered all the deepest secrets of the Sacred Hunt, an even greater beast can be summoned, with a special reward awaiting whoever defeats it.

Other Features in Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is a big update, and the new event is only a part of it. Inspired by Age of Conan, we are also introducing the Fatalities system, giving you the ability to finish off enemy human NPCs in brutal kill moves, with each weapon type getting its own unique animation.

You can also look forward to expanded purges with new enemies and defenses, improved Battle Pass Progression, and other major quality of live improvements to follower control and inventory management.

Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we will be diving deeper into each of these new features. And before you go, make sure to stop by your Tavern once the Sacred Hunt has begun. Rumors tell of a wanderer who speaks in riddles and shares curious tales with those who are willing to listen…

Age of War – Chapter 4 arrives on April 2. A big thanks goes out to all of you for your support, and especially everyone who has played and given valuable feedback on our open Beta branch.

Hunt well, Exiles

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