Age of War – Chapter 4 Questions and Answers

Hey Exiles! 

Recently, we announced the Age of War: Chapter 4. After our developer stream, we kept on listening to you on our social channels and noted down some of the most asked questions and things you are curious about the new chapter. Enjoy reading and let us know if you have anything else you are curious about! 


Is the Siege of Al-Merayah going to stay in the game? 

Yes, it’s not going anywhere! The fortress, its inhabitants, and treasures within will remain. The area relating to The Sacred Hunt is a new addition and does not replace any existing parts of the current al-Merayah.  


Four Chapters? Wasn’t there supposed to only be three? 

The number of Chapters in an Age has always been intended to be malleable. We are working with a standard of four right now because it gives us a good cadence for large feature development, but it’s always subject to change. The rule is: there is no rule.  

What’s behind the decision to move Dye functionality to the Dyer’s Workstation? 

First and foremost, to unify the Inventory GUI. This lets us create a small set of consistent buttons corresponding to actions you will have when selecting an item, instead of varying options that can sometimes be confusing. 
The second reason is that it helps justify the physical space taken up by the workstation, which previously was only used to store crafting recipes. With this new functionality, you now have another reason to return home after picking some new items. 

Could you provide insight on the changes made to the Sword of Crom? 

The Sword of Crom has historically been a bit of a problem child, and over time we’ve been experimenting and trying different things to see what works best. Ultimately, the goal was to still make it one of the top-tier 2H weapons you can find, but just like every other Legendary it has its own quirk which, in its case, is its low durability.  


Setting custom stack size was replaced by the new functionality. What was the reason for this change? 

Similar to the decision with Dyes, it’s a matter of UX (User Experience). We tweaked it in what we expect the most common and streamlined usage it would have upon release, but as always please let us know you feel about it! 


Are there any new contacts available via the Barkeep at the Tavern? 

No, there are no new permanent contacts in this chapter. 

Are there any changes to Sorcery this chapter? 

There are no changes to Sorcery in this chapter. 

Will Trebuchets be a part of Purges?  

Not in this chapter, but possibly in the future as we’ve put a lot of work into it already.  

Anything you’re keeping an eye on for combat currently? 

We’re still looking for enemies with unfair rotation rates, monitoring Stamina consumption, and how the Rolling Thrust update affects combat. Other than these, we’re not trying to rock the boat in combat anywhere else. 


And that’s all, folks! Just like we said in the beginning, if you have anything else you are curious about, you can always reach out through our social channels and forums. We are always listening. 

Thank you for reading, and see you in Chapter 4, Exiles. 

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