Architects of Argos Pack and Update 40: Followers II Now Available

Architects of Argos DLC

Available now on all platforms! Build stunning cities and gleaming temples of shining white marble with the Architects of Argos Pack. Adorn your base with elegant statues and refreshing fountains to make it look more impressive than ever!

The Argossean building set offers a host of attractive pieces. It includes vaulted ceilings, a new and unique way to build tall pillars (with bottom, middle and top pieces) and special attention has been paid to the insides of buildings.

You will also get your hands on three stylish new horse armors, three fresh armor sets and nine new weapons, such as the Argossean Great Axe.

Architects of Argos Pack contains:

  • 49 new and exclusive building pieces

    • Ornate pieces including beautiful vaulted ceilings

  • 18 new and elegant placeables

    • Decorate your base with classical statues and fountains

  • 3 new mount saddles

    • Equip your horse with the Argossean Warhorse saddle

  • 15 new armor pieces in three sets, such as the Phalanx armor

    • Light, medium and heavy sets with an epic end-game version of each

  • 9 new weapons in the Argossean set

    • Same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon

All the new content in Architects of Argos is exclusive to this DLC and adds new visual options but does not give any in-game advantage in power. All the new items have comparable stats to existing items.

Update 40: Followers II

Take even more control of your followers by choosing their behavior and stance through the new command system. This also includes giving direct orders to your active follower so they move and fight only when you want them. This feature in tandem with the previous addition of the Followers Management system now allows you to take full authority and lead how you wish.

New Follower Behaviors!

You can now give your followers a brand new set of engagement rules and tactical preferences to better suit your playstyle!

Accessed via a new option in the interaction wheel, you can now assign different behaviors to your thralls and pets. Divided into two sections (Engagement and Tactics), this will give you better control than ever on how your armies react to incoming threats.

Engagement Behaviors

Under this new menu, you can now choose and customize different rules of engagement for each of your followers. These new options are:

Guard Area
Follower will only attack when a hostile engages with them or any friendly presence within their detection radius.
Guard me
Attack those that directly attack you or those hostiles that you engage with in combat.
Attack all enemies
Engage any hostile that enters their detection radius.
Attack nothing
Follower with this behavior will not retaliate against hostile activity.
Attack Distance
Set at which distance your thrall or pet will detect hostiles. Distances range between lowest (5 meters) to longest (50 meters).
Chase Distance
Set distance followers might move from their designed guard spot while pursuing their target. Distances range between lowest (5 meters) to longest (50 meters).


Tactic Behavior

Within this section, you can set which tactical choices will be preferred by your followers:

Stand and defend
With this option, your followers will stay firm and keep the designated position against any hostile activity.
Prioritize melee
Followers with this tactic assigned will try to deal with enemies up-close and prioritize equipping the shortest range weapon they have available in their inventory.
Prioritize ranged
This tactic will make your thrall opt for long-ranged engagements, prioritizing ranged weapons in their inventory when attacking an enemy.


New Follower Command System

You can now give direct orders to your active companion. Politely ask them to move, or rudely ask them to annihilate any hostile targets within the press of a button!

Aim and press the assigned key (X by default) to move your companion to the designated location or attack an enemy. Double press that key to make them stop any activity they’re engaged on (and double press again to make them resume that activity). Press it three times and you will ask your companion to return to your position.

You can also hold the command button to open a new radial menu where you can select any of these settings individually.

Quality of Life Additions

You can now have an active companion as well as your trusty steed, as horses don’t take the active follower slot anymore. And while you’re out and about on your ride, don’t forget that you can now drag any NPCs you’ve left unconscious!

We hope you enjoy this new system and interacting with your followers in this new way. Thank you to those who provided invaluable feedback on TestLive.

For full patch notes, you can visit our forum post here.

Live well and stay safe, Exiles.

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