Battle Pass and Bazaar Spotlight: Age of War – Chapter 3

Greetings Exiles,

Age of War – Chapter 3 has just landed, and many of you are in the midst of planning your siege of the Stygian fortress and building your own private getaway from the war – a tavern.

Today, we want to highlight some of our favorite cosmetics in the new Battle Pass, as well as those available in the Bazaar right now or in the near future (we’ve added dates for when they are available).

Battle Pass: Age of War – Chapter 3


Vanir Tavern Decorations



The Vanir sure know how to build a tavern. Adopt the life and woody wilderness feel of the Vanir tavern items. Very important note: The bear cub likes to hang out around the bar. He is not to be disturbed.

Some Vanir tavern highlights from the Battle Pass:


  • Vanir Tavern Barkeeper Outfit (level 1)
  • Vanir Tavern Beer Keg (level 6)
  • Vanir Tavern Long Table (level 12)
  • Emote – Propose a toast (level 13)
  • Vanir Tavern Skull Tankard (level 15)
  • Vanir Tavern Bar (level 30)
  • Vanir Tavern Bear Skin Rug (level 42)
  • Vanir Tavern Long Bench (level 49)
  • Vanir Tavern Bear Cub Pet (level 55)
  • Vanir Tavern Hearth (level 60)


Vanir Skull Tankard



That Stygian you cut down probably didn’t expect his head to wind up on the end of a handle.

Vanir Tavern Guard Outfit



For when that one patron gets a little too merry.

Vanir Tavern Bear Cub Pet



Anyone touches a hair on his head, and we swear Crom will come down from his mountain and strike them through the earth.

Vanir Tavern Larder



A veritable treasure trove of provisions, especially in the Exiled Lands.

New Bazaar Bundles


Aesir Stronghold Bundle (Available Dec. 14 – 27)



Construct a mighty longhouse straight out of legend with these new building pieces, including beautiful, vaulted beams, sloped walls, and sculpted doorways.

Bundle contents:


Forlorn Crypt Bundle (Available Dec. 28 – Jan. 3)



Descend the spiral stairs and be plunged into your dungeon, where firelight flickers along the walls, unable to banish the darkness that roosts in the chamber’s recesses and vaulted ceilings. A blessing that stone cannot speak of what wicked and eldritch happenings it has witnessed here.

Bundle contents:

Yamatai Tavern (Dec. 28 – Jan. 10)



A stark contrast to the Vanir’s rugged homeliness, the Yamatai style radiates discipline and artful serenity. Take a seat on the tatami floor pillows and enjoy a drink surrounded by ornate lanterns and bonsai trees.

Bundle contents:


  • Yamatai Bar Counter
  • Yamatai Bar Stool
  • Yamatai Table
  • Yamatai Carpet
  • Yamatai Floor Pillow
  • Yamatai Hearth
  • Yamatai Lantern
  • Yamatai Decorative Painting
  • Yamatai Bonsai Tree


Grand King’s Board Bundle (Chess Set) (Dec. 21 – 27)



Catch your friend completely by surprise by inviting them into your GIANT CHESS ROOM. It also works with an enemy if you play death-chess.

Bundle contents:

  • Foundation-sized board tile – light and dark
  • King, light and dark
  • Queen, light and dark
  • Priest (Bishop), light and dark
  • Outsider (Rook), light and dark
  • Cavalry (Knight), light and dark
  • Infantry (Pawns), light and dark

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