Year in Review: Community

Greetings Exiles,

Well, 2023 is over and looking back gives us chills. We had so much fun preparing content for you and we were impressed with the amazing builds and content that you prepared. We even met with some of you out of the office in various events. So what do you say we take a look back at our community highlights?

There will be nowhere to hide. For when all else is consumed, the serpent will ascend and swallow the sun.

This was a teaser we were very happy preparing and you were too, judging from how many of you reacted to it. The other one was part of our little story for Chapter 3 earlier in the year, when we teased the blood crystals.

Another important… feature we had to share was the results of diving into your treasury, like a particular rich duck. You’ve been warned.

One of the silly highlights for us, and we know for you, was our new dating Sim announcement, titled Oh My Gods! I was Banished to the Exiled Lands and Now I have to Date one of the Gods. Maybe you all figured it was posted on April 1, but we all wanted it. Who knows, maybe one day?


For those who joined us on Tiktok, we had even more laughs.

Better lived than told, you’re all invited to our Tiktok to join the fun.

Of course, it wasn’t all guano and giggles. One of our favorite things about you, our community, is how talented you all are! To celebrate it together, we had a few events this year.

In Mystic Masterpieces contest, we had the impossible job of choosing between an array of incredible pieces of art submitted by you. Best part? The winners made it to the game. Check them out, if you haven’t!

Another addition to the game was our Tips and Tricks event, where we gathered your wisdom to share it with the rest of the community on Loading Screens. With the amount of content we’ve been adding to the game, we have to do this more often!

Last but not least, we asked you to turn the lights off and bring in the spooks in the Revenge of Yogtober! Screenshot event. Once again, you guys delivered! We had to turn the lights on and hold hands to go through all the participations!

Building By: Kryptic

Captured By: JennIAm

Capture By: Harleficent, The Murder Doll

Building By: Eradicati0nn

Outside events, we’ve seen amazing builds as we do every year. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to share them all here, but if you like these amazing buildings and would love to have some inspiration here and then, make sure to follow us on our socials, we constantly share these amazing content. And if you are a builder, make sure to tag us if you share something on socials, we absolutely love seeing these!

By: @smskcntr

By: @smskcntr

Built by u/Arthemis_Brigh

By: @BardenBuilds

We even had a couple of people from the Exiles team joining the amazing builds wagon. Like this castle from one of our Producers or this mind-blowing replica of a castle with evil residents. Full tour here!

We’ve traveled outside the office this year too and met our players and our creators at TwitchCon in Paris and Vegas, at Gamescom in Cologne, at Dreamhack in Sweden and East Coast Gaming Conference in North Carolina. It’s always a blast and an honor to meet you all in person!

Conan Exiles is now older than 5 years (6, counting early access!) and went through a lot of changes. Two things remained constant: Our teams’ dedication in bringing you the best Conan Exiles we can and the passion of our community. We’ve gone through thick and thin, with some mistakes and some wins and we’re privileged to have a community as creative, talented, smart and passionate like you.

Thank you for everything and keep seated, because this journey has just started.

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