Clan Hoards and Emblems in the Age of War

Plunder and symbols – the foundations of war. 


Greetings Exiles,  


In only a few days, the cries of the dying will rend the air. Will you join them, or live to fight another day?  


We hope you enjoyed last week’s Combat Design deep dive by our Lead Designer Dennis. Today, we leap into two new features coming in the first chapter of the Age of War – Clan Hoards and Clan Emblems.  


Clan Hoards


If you’ve dreamed of building a vault and filling it with treasure that you’ve found on your adventures, then we have good news, because that’s exactly what this is! As you explore the world, you will now have a chance of finding treasure in chests and on the bodies of vanquished enemies in the form of coins or other valuable objects. 



To designate an area for your hoard, you must craft a Treasure Coffer and place it within your base. This will create a circle within which you can place your treasure. Your personal treasurer, who stands next to the Coffer, will tally up your total hoard’s worth. 


Your growing hoard will display in two ways – through piles of coins, and through placeable objects. Most treasure will sit snugly in your inventory space, but not heavy treasures. These exceptional trophies must be lugged back to your base in your hands, through wilderness and enemies.



How will you spend this mighty hoard, you ask? Besides the inherent satisfaction of seeing your base overflowing with gold and hard-earned trophies, you will in later chapters be able to spend your amassed riches on certain… aid. We will share more on this later.


A clan is by no means required to have a hoard. If you prefer to build your own personal vault, on a mountaintop, and let no one lay eyes upon it, under the penalty of death, that’s your prerogative. In Conan Exiles, the edge of your weapon makes the rules. Well, that and server settings. 


Clan Emblems 


In Chapter 1 of Age of War, you’ll be able to create a custom emblem that represents your clan. The emblem can be crafted through the new Clan Emblem Workbench. Here, you can combine a main symbol, based on various cultures, and a background. The color for each of these is also up to you. 



Once your emblem is done, you’ll be able to display it on armor, shields, banners, and more. Hang your banner at the entry to your clan’s base to make it clear who rules here. 


Bringing players together, for war!


Both of these features are designed to be enjoyed as a solo player and in multiplayer. On a PvP server, if you’re killed while carrying treasure, another player can pick it up and bring it to their base in their inventory. You can of course also raid another player or clan’s base and rob them blind! If you plunder another player or clan’s hoard, you must carry it away in a heavy sack. While doing so, you will move slowly and be unable to defend yourself. 



With emblems, clan members and their bases will become immediately identifiable (should they want to be), as they can carry their emblem on their gear and hang it on walls. To increase the social aspect further yet, the default server settings will now show which players are online at all times. 


As we stand at the precipice of this new age, we can’t wait to see you all take the plunge. And as you experience the tragedy and glory of plunder and war with other clans, do not forget that Stygia is coming… 


Age of War, Chapter 1 releases on June 22. 

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