The Age of War Is Here!

“… but not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood, restless harbingers of violence and bloodshed, knowing no other path…”

Robert E. Howard, A Witch Shall Be Born




The land trembles beneath boots of war. Stygia has come!



The first Chapter of the Age of War is here, with combat improvements, clan hoards, and clan emblems!  


Combat Improvements


Fighting for your life in Conan Exiles has never felt more rewarding. Test the strength of your steel against updated enemy balance and hone your skill with revised stamina costs that improve the ebb and flow of combat. Additional changes include a new item repair system, and tweaks to how stuns work. See all the details in the full patch notes below.  



Clan Hoards


Plunder the treasures of the land and bring them back to your base to display them as unique placeable trophies. Some treasures are easier to carry than others. If successfully brought back, your trusty Treasurer will add it to your tally. You will be able to put your riches to use in later Chapters.  

Clan Emblems


Band together under a custom symbol to face the enemies without. Choose from several symbols and backgrounds and place them on banners, shields, armor, and more!  



Age of War Roadmap


Stay alert, for the war is just beginning. Our content roadmap gives you a glimpse of what’s in store, but it does not reveal all, so keep your eye out for more news.  



The Age of War is an exciting new theme after the Age of Sorcery, and we can’t wait for you to wet your blades in the frenzy of battle!  


Free Week


Starting now, Conan Exiles is free to try for a limited time on Steam, Xbox, and the Epic Games Store! During this time and beyond we’re applying some hefty discounts on all platforms – for the base game, Isle of Siptah expansion, and all DLCs!  


Needless to say, if you have friends who have been looking for some prime Conan time, it’s time to get ’em online! 


Please note that although we always add full patch notes, we do not translate them. 


  • (PC) Game builds now use shipping configuration instead of test configuration. This means servers must be started with the “ConanSandboxServer-Win64-Shipping.exe” executable instead of “ConanSandboxServer-Win64-Test.exe”
  • Fixed a “Connection lost” issue that has proven elusive but finally got nailed down

  • Cleaned up some Console Log spam

  • Various optimization, crash fixes, and clean-up


  • Fixed a number of known exploits.


  • Clan Emblems let you unify your clan under a custom symbol to face the enemies without. Choose from several symbols and backgrounds and display them proudly on banners, shields, armor and more!

    • New work station: Clan Totems

      • Totems with cultural themes

      • Used to combine images and colors to make an emblem to represent your clan

      • Shows your clans current emblem on the totem

      • Clan emblems are displayed on clan armor, shields, banners, etc.

      • Requires permissions in clan to edit emblem

    • Emblems appear on bespoke assets:

      • Wall Banners

      • Carpets

      • Flag Banners

      • Shields

      • Horse caparison

  • Clan Hoards are a new feature for you to find treasure, bring it home, and display it at your base.

    • Place any treasure placeables within the coffers radius to contribute to the personal hoard and the clan hoards totals. Treasures can also be placed directly in the chest next to the Treasurer NPC. Interact with the Treasurer NPC to check the hoard values.

    • Heroic Treasures are special treasures found in the world that have to be carried home. You must make your way back to the base while carrying the treasure, it will not be added to your inventory.

  • New challenges are implemented:

    • Apply a Clan Emblem

    • Build a Coffer

    • Place 3 Small Treasures

    • Claim a Heroic Treasure

    • Contribute to a Coffer value over 1000

    • Contribute to a Coffer value over 5000

    • Contribute to a Coffer value over 10000

  • New Age of War Chapter 1 Battle Pass including new pets, armor, emotes, and more! Rewards are focused on Stygian and Nordheimer lore – including the new Stygian War Tent Set and Nordheimer and Stygian armors.

    • New functionality: horse caparisons, emblems, weapon emotes

  • New Age of War Chapter 1 Bazaar items, including new pets, armor, emotes, and more!

    • New functionality: horse caparisons, emblems, weapon emotes

  • New Twitch Drops starting with Midnight Caparison. Follow our social media channels for more info on when these drop campaigns start!


  • Foundations no longer have an “Outer Face” indicator

  • Improved feedback on why an object can not be moved

  • Illusions now properly appear on the Armor Display

  • Containers picked up through removing their support now drop their inventory into yours, just as if you had picked it up directly

  • Arena door now fit properly in its frame

  • Cursed Tree is now more lenient for placement purposes

  • Truncheons are now displayed correctly on weapon display racks

  • Rocknose Figurine now has the correct icon and can be placed in the world, and will be available again through Twitch in the near future

  • Turanian L Stairs have had their names corrected with regards to Left and Right turns

  • Storage Container: Mining now accepts additional item types

  • Hanging Garden plants no longer lose their foliage


  • Recipes for Potion of Natural Learning and the Bestial Memory has been moved off of Midnight Alchemist and are now part of the Firebowl Cauldron knowledge. The Raw Ash ingredient for both these potions has been removed as a requirement for crafting them.

  • Yellow Lotus Potion no longer resets attributes or knowledge, and instead provides a Stamina buff

  • Fixed an issue where certain placeables would return the wrong materials when dismantled

  • Prying Kit now correctly removes effect from Blunted and Balanced Weapon Fittings

  • Blacksmith Bench no longer modifies Blood-Moon Bow and Bite of the Huntress stats

  • Faded Purple Dye and Full Purple Dye are now less pink and more purple

  • Golem crafting stations acquired from the Bazaar now have the same build costs as those found through game play, except that Blood Crystal Golem Workbench requires Blood Crystals

  • Purple Lotus Orb recipe now correctly requires both Black and Purple Lotus

  • Charcoal Kiln now has the correct fuel displayed in the crafting formula

  • Crystalline Visage Armor now has the correct icons

  • Fragment of Power has been removed from most crafting recipes

  • Wells now require 50 Tar (down from 300), and 100 Steel Reinforcement (down from 300) for tier 2


  • NPCs now have a smaller area of attack (hit box) with their first heavy attack with Two-Handed Spear weapons

  • NPCs can now actually hit with their off-hand daggers

  • Some NPCs have had their area of attack with daggers reduced as it was too large

  • See Balance Updates below!


  • Thralls will no longer have strange textures in certain situations while placing them

  • Dragons are less twitchy in uneven terrain

  • Abandoned thralls now correctly disappear over time

  • Interacting with Wight Horse will now mount it instead of opening its inventory

  • Greater Komodo Dragon can now apply poison when attacking

  • Pet Rats now have collision

  • Fixed an issue where a specific attack for Rocknoses would cause them to never hit your character

  • A number of NPCs who would always face east have been told to respect the designers’ orders

  • Greater Hyena pets no longer stop attacking after the second round of aggression

  • Enemies no longer have a moment of doubt (most visible on resting Kappas) and instead immediately decide to maul you when you hurt them

  • Rocknoses and other creatures now start in their prepared state (for example already hiding) instead of moving to that state once you spot them

  • Cats are now lighter

  • Deformed Bears now show properly when placed

  • All Battle Pass and Bazaar pets now have proper attributes and leveling gains

  • Light from Radium Gem Golem Head has been tweaked


  • Fixed the damage output of Blood Moon Beast boss from The Fractured Citadel

  • Kurak’s gas is no longer considered a poison, and thus having the Petrified perk doesn’t protect against it


We’ve rebalanced several systems with the intention of making it more dynamic, tactical, and deadly, while also addressing several concerns from the community, such as the usefulness and power level of Legendary weapons.

  • We’ve recategorized many items. The new classifications are: “Unique”, “Epic”, and “Legendary”. Legendary items are end-game items that cannot be crafted. Epic items are end-game items that can be crafted, such as Khari Steel, Hardened Steel, Venomsteel, Star Metal, etc. Unique items are the best-in-tier; a unique steel dagger is the best steel dagger you might find, but it will not be better than a Legendary or Epic dagger.

    • Journeys that required crafting Legendary items now instead require crafting Epic items

  • Animals and monsters are now generally speaking more deadly but have significantly less health, making dodging and blocking more important in combat. Humans (including thralls) have had their health reduced, but still vary in threat level between tribes as before.

    • Alpha animals (1 skull) are now much closer to the strength of their animal type

    • Champions (2 skulls) can now be found among the tribes and drop Unique items (see above)

    • World bosses (3 skulls) have been adjusted similarly to other enemies but the exact adjustments vary – in general expect shorter but deadlier fights

  • Stamina costs and regeneration adjustments

    • Stamina cost for weapons have been greatly increased, from numbers ranging 3-9 to numbers ranging 10-40

    • The second jump when double-jumping now also incurs a stamina-cost. The cost is the same as a normal jump. A normal jump with 60 Agility costs 12, and so the total cost for double-jump is now 24.

    • The stamina regen pause has been decreased from several seconds to 0.1 seconds, thus you will start regenerating stamina a lot sooner than before. Related server default values have been changed, and will be force-set upon patching (server admins beware!):

      • StaminaRegenerationTime = 1.75 (was 3.75)

      • StaminaOnConsumeRegenPause = 0.1 (was 1.5)

      • StaminaOnExhaustionRegenPause = 0.1 (was 2.75)

      • StaminaLightArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

      • StaminaLightArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

      • StaminaLightArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

      • StaminaLightArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

      • StaminaLightArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier = 1.0

      • StaminaMediumArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

      • StaminaMediumArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

      • StaminaMediumArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

      • StaminaMediumArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

      • StaminaMediumArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.9

      • StaminaHeavyArmorNoLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

      • StaminaHeavyArmorLightLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

      • StaminaHeavyArmorMediumLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

      • StaminaHeavyArmorHeavyLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

      • StaminaHeavyArmorOverLoadRegenMultiplier = 0.85

    • The gray-out post-processing effect for when you run out of stamina has been removed, as you will no longer be out of stamina for very long.

  • Weapon adjustments

    • Heavy attacks will do more damage than before, ranging from 5% to 20% more damage, depending on weapon type

    • Shields have had their base durability halved

    • Heavy attacks will always apply special effects such as bleed or sunder, except when sprinting

    • Short swords now apply Bleed on heavy attacks

    • Two-Handed Axes now apply Cripple on heavy attacks

    • Combo multipliers adjustments

      • First Heavy attack for One-Handed Axes decreased from 1.5 to 1.2

      • Katana Special attack increased from 0.6 to 1

      • One-Handed Sword, 4th Heavy attack increased from 1.5 to 2

      • Kicks, Backflips and the Katana Special attack has had their combo multiplier Stamina cost reduced

  • Repair adjustments

    • Legendary repair kits have been renamed to “Grandmaster Repair Kits”

    • Armor Patch kits have been renamed to “Armor Repair Kits”

    • Cost for crafting repair kits have been doubled

    • Weight for repair kits have been lowered to 0.1

    • Legendary and Unique items can not be repaired in any way

    • Max Durability for Unique and Legendary items have been greatly increased

    • Adding a weapon/armor/tool modification kit no longer reduces max durability

    • The Max Durability reduction from Prying kits have been reduced from 50% to 30%

    • Returns from dismantling items has been greatly increased

    • All repair kits now work on all tiers of weapons and armor (but not Unique and Legendary ones), but lower the max durability of the item by 2.5% to 20% (of original max durability) depending on the tier of the repair kit

    • Using a Repairing Grindstone will repair all items on your hotkey bar, also reducing max durability on all of them

  • Enemies can no longer break their stun-lock state

  • Dead Golem followers no longer yield too many Blood Crystals when harvested

  • Turanian and Yamatai Epic armors no longer give too much heat and cold resist

  • The Tower of the Elephant achievement has been tweaked so that it now require a minimum of two people on top of before death by stompers

  • Heritance will no longer be modified


  • Target lock improvements and fixes

    • Added multiple target lock points on large enemies

    • Target lock will no longer switch to a new target automatically when the current target is killed or lost

    • Target lock is now broken by enemies using certain actions like burrowing or going invisible

    • Target lock will no longer snap to another target immediately upon activation due to the controller thumbstick not being centered

    • Target lock no longer works on dialogue NPCs

  • DropEquipmentOnDeath server setting now has three options:

    • Lose nothing on death (0)

    • Lose everything on death (1; default)

    • Lose backpack inventory on death (2)

  • New diving animation! To dive, hit the Crouch key before reaching the apex of a jump.

  • Added gamepad / controller rebinding support under Settings

  • Bind Wisp is now a toggle spell

  • Detect Resources is now a toggle spell

  • Eighty Shades of Pink now also teaches the “Seduce” emote

  • Chicken Dance now counts towards the challenges for dancing

  • Pet and Thrall conversion time has been significantly reduced

  • Entering and leaving a dungeon no longer makes grass refuse to make way for your constructions

  • Added a minimum of light around a character even when not carrying a light source. This still needs some tweaking for different environments.

  • Gold and silver bars now have greater stack sizes


  • Starving characters will no longer die while offline

  • Token of friendship should now only give 1 Thunn Ha Ally

  • Charcoal now has an icon and the correct description

  • Forlorn weapons now correctly display under the weapons categories

  • Equipping only Aesir Raider leggings no longer part of the legs invisible

  • Several fixes for the Journey system

    • Auto Switch Next Journey setting will now always pick a new Journey, even if there is not a default progression from the one just completed

    • Dregs now correctly unlocks the Dungeon Delver Journey

    • Leyshrines now correctly unlocks the Surge Defender Journey

    • Assigning a thrall to any crafting station now correctly completes the Thrall Taker Journey step

    • The step to find the Sorcerer’s Grotto now triggers reliably once you have gone further into the grotto itself

    • Placing a foal into a stable will now complete the relevant step correctly

    • Several steps that would auto-complete no longer do so

    • Steps that require interaction with specific workbenches now also accept the improved version of those workbenches

    • Steps that unlock on specific Feats now unlock also for characters that had those Feats from before

    • The step to level a thrall/pet now correctly triggers also on going from level 0 to level 1

    • Harvesting Plant Fiber from Berry bushes will now also trigger the steps for collecting plant fibers

    • Artificer Journey now correctly unlocks from Fine Metal Crafts

    • Journey step to Wear a piece of Epic Armor no completes only with Epic Armor

    • Balanced Iron Poniards Knowledge are now hidden until the correct Journey is resolved

    • Several Journey step descriptions pointing to the wrong location or workstation have been corrected

    • Journey step “Summon Protection of Gods” description corrected

    • Corrected the icon displayed for several Journey steps

    • Tanner Journey no longer has “Learn Tanner” as a step, since it has it as a requirement for unlocking the Journey

    • Interacting with a built trebuchet will now also trigger the Journey step to Complete Building a Trebuchet

    • Corrected typos in some Journey step descriptions

    • Journey system now properly updates Journeys added or removed by mods

    • The “Learn a Delved Schematic” step in the Delver Journey can now be passed by using any scroll from the Voidforge, even if you have that knowledge from before. In addition, if you have all the Knowledges from the Voidforge it will automatically resolve.

    • The “Upgrade an Altar to the final level” step in the High Priest Journey will no longer give credit for crafting a Retreat of Jhebbal Sag, and instead correctly require the tier 3 Grove of Jhebbal Sag to be built.


  • Foliage now display properly on Isle of Siptah on PlayStation

  • Removed the collision from the small flags on top of the Stygian invader ships on the Isle of Siptah

  • Fixed a number of inverted normals on planks at the Black Hand Galleon in the Exiled Lands

  • Repopulated a camp in the Exiled Lands near the river

  • Exiting Midnight Grove no longer runs risk of underwater teleportation

  • It no longer rains or snows in Lockstone cave


  • Female NPCs will no longer use male animations in certain situations in Solo/Co-op games

  • Characters will now always face the correct direction when sitting down in chairs, and not get stuck in them anymore

  • Bows too now have an idle animation

  • Bigfoot’s throwing animation and projectile launch now match up

  • Large creatures now stutter less when climbing slopes

  • Knockback animations from shield blocks are now smoother


  • New community-submitted loading screen tips added to the game. Thank you all who participated!
  • Our valiant #spellchekker team has gone to war against the armies of Typus Maximus and came victorious. Ish.

  • Our prestigious international #spellchekker team has saved the day once again by fixing a number of los typos in the localized versions of the game.

  • Activating the inventory shortcut while on another interface screen now only closes that screen, and no longer switches to the inventory.

  • Respawn interface will now take a small moment to appear, to allow a moment of dread and/or laughter before being asked to do it all again. The death camera has also been tweaked to improve the experience.

  • Pristine Khari Daggers now both show up on their icon

  • Claim Challenge Reward has its own controller button also on the Japanese PlayStation version, and no longer shares X with “Back”

  • All elephants now have visible health bars

  • Dying by passing through the Cursed Wall will no longer in certain cases open several unrelated interface windows

  • Inventory grid no longer displays on top of the Info and Split buttons on Xbox

  • Stables and Animal Pens Rename button can now be navigated to with controller

  • Character Copy window can now be closed with Esc on keyboard or Back on controller

  • Avatar controls now show and work correctly also when doing the summoning from inventory

  • Dryer now visually shows dried meat in it

  • Show Journey Steps setting now correctly applies in all situations

  • A new icon for Skeleton Key has been made to distinguish it better from other keys in the game

  • Zeal being stolen is now messaged only when Zeal is actually being stolen

  • Loot and interaction windows now work properly in the start area of Well of Skelos

  • Added text to the (at first) empty Sorcery Knowledge tab.

  • Long localized Journey descriptions now have reduced text size to fit in the description box

  • Battle Pass reward display will no longer show two characters under certain conditions

  • Corrected descriptions for several floor and wall paints

  • Added missing translations to some items and buttons


  • Acid now makes sound when hitting shields

  • Corrected some sound issues in the Settings menu

  • Certain doors in Isle of Siptah Vaults will no longer play looping sounds

  • Cats shake quieter now

  • Interacting with the Armor Display now plays the correct sound

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