Community Spotlight 11

Hello again and welcome to this week’s Community Spotlight! While the developers are busy making updates and content for the game, Jens Erik and I scout the communities of Conan Exiles for the amazing creations you all have shared. We’re constantly impressed and amazed and love sharing them around the office!


One of our favorite creations! Reddit user “” made 21 different superheroes using the dyes and armor available in the game. It’s hard to pick a favorite because each one of them is amazingly similar to the original comic book characters! Here are a couple of pictures from the album, but we implore you to see the rest in this link.

Deep Forest Hutch

Certainly the creepiest Conan Exiles video we’ve seen. Youtube user “Aztek47” does a wonderful job of showing a different side to Conan Exiles that many don’t expect. The beautiful windswept highlands during the day turn into something more sinister at night. Shadows from torches bounce off trees, wolves howl in the distance, and wind shuffles the grass as you make your way through the forest. In the video, they make their way up a path decorated with candles and bones to an ominous house. Is anyone home?

Interactive Map

Ginfo has created an extremely useful map for players to use and update. Using this, you can find locations of resources, monsters, NPCs, and more! Additionally, you can make your own markers and share them with your friends. It’s laid out in a very helpful grid that you can zoom in and out of. Check it out!

Aim and Fire

An absolutely beautiful work of art was drawn and submitted to Twitter by “lulucia0512“. The longer you look, the more details you will find in this picture. They did an amazing job capturing the action of the fight and creating a feeling of flight as the barbarian twists in the air while firing an arrow. We hope to see more art from her in the future!

Viking Village

Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen many styles of buildings, castles, towers, and towns. This week we’re featuring a build by “kene11“. Their viking styled village sits perfectly next to a river bed and faces the rocky mountains. They crafted the buildings so it appears at different levels of height and is sloped, rather than level with flat ground. They did fantastic work of bringing the atmosphere and realism of the viking culture to Conan Exiles.

Get in Touch

Do you have any cool Conan Exiles stuff you want featured? Let us know! We’re always looking through SteamRedditTwitter, and other sources for your creations but if you’d like to contact us directly, you can do so in those links.

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