Community Spotlight 6

Hello again! Thank you for joining us for this week’s spotlight where we take a look at videos, mods, creations, and all sorts of things that we found and loved in our community. We post one every week so be sure to check out the previous weeks’ highlights as well!

Exile Island

YouTube user “Just Horse” is very well known in the Conan Exiles community for the amazing videos they actively release. They each feature different things about the game such as content that was just released, tutorials, dungeon runs, and more! Very recently, they also show a mod called “Exile Island”, created my “Magus”. This mod includes an entirely new map by their own creation that includes rolling hills, lush grass, and even volcanoes. Click here for a link to the mod!

How To: Stairs

Need to add a little flair to your Doom Fortress? Check out this guide written by “Nine“! They provide detailed instructions and pictures on how to build your own spiral staircase as well as coliseum style stairs. They also add a bonus section at the end on how to round out house corners!

Death Race

Brought to you buy the player who created the Capture the Thrall event comes a brand new game. Introducing the Death Race by “Tides of War“! Players start this race with nothing but a stone maul and the skin on their backs. They must avoid everything from a pit full of hyenas to spike traps. Take a look at this beautifully shot video to see the race and who wins!

Build of the Week

This week’s build is by Steam user “Shurykenz Risez“. This pictures captures the essence and majesty of their creation. The aspect that caught our eye was that it’s absolutely and 100% symmetrical! It truly is a work of art.

Looks Comfy

We want to thank “trojan4usc” for their creative and, admittedly, intriguing mount suggestion. This would certainly be an interesting use for captured thralls! Sometimes you have to whip some butts in order to make a soft place for your own. 

Get in Touch

Do you have any cool Conan Exiles stuff you want featured? Let us know! We’re always looking through Steam, Reddit, Twitter, and other sources for your creations but if you’d like to contact us directly, you can do so in those links.


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