Community spotlight 7

Once again we bid you welcome to the Conan Exiles community spotlight! This is where we look at some of the fun and creative things that have been happening in the Conan Exiles community. Awesome mods, cool builds and funny videos and streams, they all belong here.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s spotlight.

Elevators and a big tower build

Meet j0hnbane, an American YouTuber with a voice of such dulcet tones it can melt butter. He’s been covering Conan Exiles extensively since launch, uploading over 80 gameplay videos to his YouTube channel. It’s been quite the journey and we’ve enjoyed watching it.

Recently j0hnbane set up a server for himself and other YouTubers, “Baniacs Attack”, propped full of various mods to help enhance the game experience. In his latest video he’s adding the newly implemented elevators to his castle and begins construction on a giant tower.

The temple of Thusla Doom

In John Milius’ Conan the Barbarian movie the titular barbarian (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) makes his way through a temple dedicated the sorcerer Thulsa Doom, the man who killed Conan’s father. Inspired by the movie the guys over at Worthy Gaming decided to recreate the temple and record their process along the way. The result is an 18 minute timelapse video covering the entirety of the build. Enjoy!

Elevator trap bases

With the addition of the new elevators and drawbridges players might need to rethink their base designs. Enter Polorbear Igloo, who’s tutorial videos offer an entertaining look at crafting and building in Conan Exiles. Once the elevators were in he immediately went to work, informing his audience on how to make an elevator trap base that can catch enemies in the act.

How to make a mod

Instead of our usual mod of the week entry we decided to do something different: modding tutorials! We’ve selected to for this installment of the community spotlight because they both cover different things in the Conan Exiles devkit.

The first tutorial was made back in February by RingerVulpe. It’s a very basic entry level tutorial video covering features players have access to in the devkit and how to modify values in data tables.

The second tutorial is more recent and was made by Death2Mongo, who’s been livestreaming his mod making process on his Twitch channel. His tutorial also covers the features of the devkit and how to create your first item in your mod.

Get in touch

Please feel free to get in touch if you see anything you think will fit in our next community spotlight. Email me, hit me up on Twitter, DM me on Reddit or post stuff directly to our subreddit.

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