Dev Blog #13: Make your own mods in Conan Exiles

Want to put your own mark on Conan Exiles? Create your own content or make changes to existing features? Well now you have the chance with the Conan Exiles Dev Kit.

You can already choose your own experience in Conan Exiles through a host of different server settings, but now you have the opportunity to customize the game to an even greater extent through mods.

Choose your mods

As players start making mods you will be able to find them in the Conan Exiles Workshop on Steam under the Community hub. You can also reach the Workshop by starting Conan Exiles, choose mods in the main menu and then click the Workshop button.

You subscribe to the mods you want and then choose the ones you wish to play with from the available mods tab and move them over to the selected mods tab in the Conan Exiles mods menu.

If you try and play on a server with mods, you will get a pop-up which tells you which mods you are missing and need to download. Also, if you are using mods and a server you wish to play on does not have them, you will not be able to join that server. Activating and deactivating mods is very easy in the mod menu though, but you will need to restart your game for the changes to take effect.

Create your own mods

To start making mods for Conan Exiles you first need the Epic Games Launcher, which can be found here.  In the launcher you go to the modding tab, like shown in the picture below, and choose to download the Conan Exiles Dev Kit. (It is a big download).

Using the Unreal Engine 4 Editor with our Dev Kit you will be able to create content almost the exact same way our own developers do. The kit gives you access to basically all the assets of the game, from maps and blueprints to meshes and animations. The editor itself requires some knowledge, but there are many guides available, and overall it is relatively easy to use.

You will be able to load maps and see how the world is made in detail. Perhaps you would like to make a whole new mountain or ruin, or even introduce a new type of weapon? You can make almost anything you like in the editor and create a mod for it.

The Dev Kit is heavy to run, so we recommend having a quite powerful computer if you plan on using it. Also loading times can be quite long the first times you use it.

To get started making mods you should also check out the modding page on the Conan Exiles wiki for information. It will take you through the process of making a simple mod step by step. You will still need to learn how to use the Unreal 4 Editor yourself, but the guide will teach you how to build a mod in our dev kit and upload it to Steam.

You may also want to catch our Community Manager Andy Benditt talking about mods on a recent UnrealEngine Twitch stream.

Please note that mods is a feature we just introduced, so expect more information about it, as well as changes and improvements, as we all play and make Conan Exiles together through Early Access.


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