Dev blog #16: Have fun with building in Conan Exiles!

You can build incredible structures, castles or even sprawling cities in Conan Exiles. In this blog post we aim to show you some of the awesome things you can build, and perhaps inspire you to try it out yourself. The greatest inspiration for building is always the community though, as the thousands of players out there show off their creativity.

If you are playing on a PvP server or on a server with regular harvesting speed, building something very big can be quite a daunting task. If you are not careful, enemy attacks can crush your city and at regular speed building something huge out of tier2 or tier3 pieces can take a very long time.

So, if you want to build something truly big, creative and impressive it can be a good idea to build in God Mode (which is very easy to do when playing single-player) or to play on a server with increased harvesting and crafting speed. (If you press ctrl+alt+shift+F10, when in God Mode you can build without using up building pieces).

If you build this way it can be all about the fun of building!

The basic building blocks

With the Frozen North expansion update you have two new types of building pieces to choose from, making it a total of five. You already have a host of different shapes and placeables in the game and in the near future there will be even more! Based on feedback from the community we are making additional building pieces with new shapes so you can make even more creative buildings.

To build truly creative structures it can be important to use a lot of different building pieces and placeables. Another handy tip is to use a lot of triangular pieces and sloped roofs for extra cool looking houses. The trouble with these types of pieces is that it can be hard to fit them together without making gaps. Here are some tricks to avoid that:

Making a hexagon out of triangle foundations can be a good start. It can then be followed up with an outer circle made up by alternating triangles and squares.

With these foundations it is easy to build quite round structures and use them as a starting point for something greater.

From these basic beginnings you can make your buildings bigger and bigger, and you will not be left with gaps. Another great unorthodox way to start off your building is with just triangular pieces. When you make foundations from triangles the building’s roof can be made up of triangular sloped roofs and their inverted counterparts:

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that you can build on cliff walls. Any foundation set into the cliff face will give 100% stability, so it will be just as stable as if you built it on the ground. Once you have your foundations in place you can keep building upwards on the cliff face, but remember to anchor your buildings to the cliffs with more foundations from time to time, or you will run out of stability.

Be creative!

Through a creative use of placeables you can make your cool looking buildings look even better and you can make specific things such as markets with stalls,

an outdoor tavern,

or an alchemist station.

Once you have an idea of what you want to build, give it a try and the more you build the more you will learn. Perhaps you want to make a fishing village near a river or lake, where the houses stand on pillars in the water and fish traps can be found all around them?

Or a huge city in the mountains, with towers and buildings on different height levels. (When building something like this, the vertical and horizontal elevators can be of great help.)

A handy trick to keep in mind when building complex cities is to first lay down a grid or base of foundations. This way you can build lots of interesting buildings on top of the foundations, but you can still connect them afterwards with cool bridges or stairs, without the pieces becoming misaligned.

You can build almost anything you want in Conan Exiles. If you have the time and patience you can even fill out most of the map with all kinds of buildings, castles and cities. Build a sprawling metropolis filled with thralls dancing in the streets, hammering away at their anvils or standing guard. Or perhaps you want to build a humongous castle, filled with all sorts of rooms and dungeons and even labyrinths.

The exiled lands may have been a barren wasteland filled with ruins, but great civilizations can rise here again. Building together with others can be the most fun of all. You can build to impress each other or inspire each other to even more creative feats.


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