Dev blog #6 – Building a village

The Exiles Lands is a harsh, unforgiving place, where the meek get crushed under the sandaled feet of the powerful. In order to survive you’ll need weapons to defend yourself, food and drink to keep your body sustained, and a home to keep the deadly sandstorms and creatures at bay.

After securing your most basic needs a shelter should be your top priority. Building blocks in Conan Exiles are divided into three tiers. In the beginning you will only be able to create very basic, tier one building pieces, cobbled together from stone and wood. While they might provide some protection from the elements someone might come along and put a dent in your fortifications.

As you progress and grow stronger you gain access to better walls and foundations. Tier two building pieces are much more reinforced than their basic counterparts. The visual style will also see a significant upgrade. Upon reaching tier three, even the most standard shelter will be incredibly strong against enemy attacks whilst also looking akin to a fortress.

Started from the bottom…

Your main building blocks will be foundations and walls. Foundations come as both squares and triangles, and can be combined to create buildings and houses in a variety of shapes. They can also be raised or lowered to match the surface you’re building on. Walls will snap automatically to the foundations when you place them and an outline will give you a general idea of how things will look before you place them. That way you don’t have to waste any resources placing something you immediately have to tear down.

Placing ceiling pieces on top of the walls lets you make multi-story buildings, great for housing all your crafting stations and supplies. Maybe top your home off with a nice wooden log roof for that vintage barbarian look.

We want to give players as much freedom as possible when it comes to building. You can create pretty much any type of structure you want as long as you have the resources. You can even build right up against mountains or near cliff faces in case you were always looking for that dream home leaning out over a precipice. It’s probably a good idea to invest in some support pillars though.

…Now we here

We’ve also implemented a ton of furniture items that you can use to adorn your indoor spaces. Beds, tables, chair, tapestries, hunting trophies and a host of other decorative items can be used to give your homes a more personalized look. But we’re not ignoring the facades either. Banners, flags and awnings can be places on the outsides of your whatever you make. Your enemies will definitely know which territory is yours.

Be careful though. What can be created can also be destroyed. Certain resources you find in the Exiled Lands can be crafted into explosive jars. These highly volatile items can bring any structure to its knees in large enough quantities, opening up holes in your defenses and making you vulnerable to attack. Placing traps in key locations around your homes could be the difference between keeping or losing all your hard earned rewards.

Your cross awaits, exiles

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