From the Producer’s Desk – 2023 in Review

Greetings Exiles: 

It’s 2024 and time we looked back at some achievements and challenges for Conan Exiles in 2023. Your ongoing support drives our efforts to develop fresh content for the game. Let’s look back at the year’s highlights and some of the hurdles we’re determined to overcome.  

Five Years of Adventure 2023 was a big deal here as we celebrated the 5th Launch Anniversary of Conan Exiles on May 8. This marked half a decade since we’ve been developing content and playing this game together. Our journey, including our Steam Early Access launch, now spans over six years – a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and your continued support.  

Switching to the Age system back in 2022 was a huge decision, and this past year has shown the advantages of constant releases and a regular cadence. 

In 2023, we wrapped up Age of Sorcery with its 3rd chapter and released Age of War – Chapter 1 along with its 2nd and 3rd Chapters. You’ve tested your skills against Kurak as well as the Stygian Legion, and you’ve expanded your settlements with Clan Hoards, Emblems, and now Taverns. You’ve bolstered your defenses with Golems and guard stations so you could withstand the full wrath of revamped Purges, and even took the fight to the enemy in the Siege of al-Merayah. 

This amount of content, coupled with updates to existing core features like Combat and the Journey System, has all been possible to develop and add to the game for free thanks to the Age and Chapter system. 

This community’s creativity and passion were remarkable in 2023, and the team appreciates all you do immensely. We’re thrilled to roll out our new Creator Program and would like to thank our amazing content creators who joined up and made videos, guides, streams, and communities that shape the Exiled Lands. The Mystic Masterpieces Art Contest and Yogtoberfest Halloween Screenshot Contest showcased some amazing talent, and we’re constantly in awe of all the spirit and dedication of our modding community. You’re all an inspiration! 

Despite these successes, we faced some challenges as well. We recognize that some of our releases have not been as smooth as we would like and affected your experience. Recently, the launch of Age of War Chapter 3 was hampered by some significant issues that needed urgent attention. This is not acceptable, and we are implementing steps to ensure each update meets your expectations, such as managing scope more effectively and improved testing procedures. 

As we continue the journey into 2024, our commitment to you is as strong as ever: For one, performance and optimization is a constant focus, and we are committed to keeping a focus on console performance and game optimization. 

To improve our communication further, we are also starting a new initiative to run player surveys after each Chapter release, the first of which arriving next week. 

We have tons more new content and features planned, as well as Quality of Life improvements you’ve been asking for, to ensure that Conan Exiles continues to be the game you love and the community you can never get enough of. 

We can’t wait to share all this with you over the coming months, beginning with the Age of War – Chapter 4, arriving in Q1 2024. 

Thank you for your continued support, enthusiasm, and feedback. Here’s to an even more adventurous 2024! 

Warm Regards 

Rodney W. Harper 

Project Director, Conan Exiles 

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