Get Ready for the Sacred Hunt in Age of War – Chapter 4!

Greetings Exiles!

On April 2, we unleash the beast that is Age of War – Chapter 4, bringing a new level of brutality to Conan Exiles.

Get ready for expanded purges, fatalities, a new Battle Pass progression system, a new siege weapon, and a brand-new event. Teeth will chip, claws will tear, and blood will flow!

Public Beta

Get a taste of the savagery you can expect in Chapter 4 in our public Beta, available right now on Steam. Keep in mind that it’s an early build and everything is a work in progress. Your bug reports and feedback have a huge impact, thank you!

Chapter 4 Features

In previous Chapters we have been laying foundations on which to build new kinds of content. In Chapter 4, you will see the first payoff from this.

The Sacred Hunt Event – Beasts stir in the shadows as gods walk the land. Sensing a sacred reckoning, hunters are roused to prowl the night, attacking the unwary. This new event brings a new story, hub location, great enemies to fell, and more.

Expanded Purges – More and more eyes, filled with avarice, turn to your home, bringing new kinds of threats, including foul sorcerers, lock-picking thieves, and more. As the threats amass outside your walls, your defenses rise to meet them with the new ballista.

Fatalities – Brutality returns to Conan Exiles! Finish off dazed enemies in a variety of gloriously gory cinematic animations. Dismemberment is not optional.

Improved Battle Pass Progression – Based on community feedback, we are improving how Battle Pass experience is earned. Firstly, there will be fewer challenges, but they will be bigger and more involved. On top of these bigger chunks of XP, you will progress at a steady rate from most activities you perform while playing, to avoid the feeling that you need to play a certain way to progress.


Discover more in our Livestream

On March 8, at 17:00 CET / 11:00 ET, join Associate Game Director Dennis Douthett and Lead Community Managers Andy Benditt and Nicole Rasner as they show off some of the new features in Chapter 4. You can catch the stream on our Twitch and Youtube channels.

We’ll have more to share in the weeks leading up to the launch, including feature deep dives and more, so keep your eyes on our X (formerly Twitter)Facebook, and Instagram!

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