NEW TRAILER: Your Journey Through Conan’s World 

From scorching desert, to frozen peaks. Humid Swamp, and dry heat. The land of Conan Exiles is a large and hostile world, where only the strongest will survive.

We are so very, very close to the end of our Early Access adventure and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store. As we’re counting down to full launch on May 8th we’ve put together a new featurette detailing some of the things you can expect as you venture forth after Conan himself cuts you down from the cross.

Your journey through Conan’s world will be harsh and unforgiving. However, tough and cunning individuals might just have what it takes to rise up and become masters of their destinies. As you make your way into the desert of the Exiled Lands you’ll have to battle fierce opponents who will readily try to kill you at a moment’s notice. As you grow stronger you can make your way further into the Exiled Lands, travelling to the lush and green Swamp and the snow-covered highlands of the Frozen North.

Survive, build, and dominate your way to victory over the Exiled Lands by constantly improving, building up your strength to become one of the mightiest warriors to ever set their foot there. Capture thralls to work for you as guards or craftsmen, or to worship your deity of choice on your altar. Their knowledge can be your knowledge.

It is time, exiles, to venture forth into Conan’s world and prove your mettle. Show that your lives are nailed to your spines, that you deserve your freedom from the corpse tree.

Your cross awaits

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