People of the Dragon Pack – Now Available!

Greetings Exiles! We have just released the all-new People of the Dragon Pack.

This DLC offers content from the kingdom of Nemedia and it lets you build stunning castles, decorate them with beautiful placeables and use new armors, saddles and weapons.

Want to add some new towers to your camp, or perhaps build something completely new in the Nemedian style, then this is the DLC for you!

People of the Dragon Pack is also available as part of the Conan Exiles – Complete Edition on Steam and Conan Exiles – Complete Edition October 2021 on Xbox and PlayStation.

Get the People of the Dragon Pack on PC here!
Get the People of the Dragon Pack on PlayStation here!
Get the People of the Dragon Pack on Xbox here!

Conan Exiles – People of the Dragon Pack

Build mighty castles and towering fortresses with the People of the Dragon Pack. Enjoy its exclusive medieval style with several brand-new building pieces, such as tall spires, a new type of window and roof.

The building pieces, armors, weapons, placeables and horse saddles of this pack are from the powerful kingdom of Nemedia. In the deep forests and tall mountains just to the east of Aquilonia, unyielding Nemedian castles dominate the landscape, and now you can build your very own in the Exiled Lands!

Decorate your castle with striking vaulted ceilings, a wide selection of carpets, beautiful reliefs, a cozy fireplace, beautiful books, figurines, a stunning boar statue or the mighty banner of the dragon.

People of the Dragon Pack contains:

  • 48 new Nemedian building pieces, including new options.
    • An expanded full set of building pieces with the same stats as existing tier three.
  • 15 new armor pieces in three sets, such as the Nemedian infantry
    • Light, medium and heavy sets with an epic end-game version of each.
  • 12 new Nemedian weapons including a shield.
    • Same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon.
  • 32 new placeables, such as books, a flag, bed and fireplace.
    • Craft them at the new Nemedian artisan bench.
  • 3 new Nemedian horse saddles.
    • Equip your horse with a light, medium or heavy saddle.

All the new content in People of the Dragon Pack is exclusive to this DLC and adds a host of new visual options but does not give any in-game advantage in power. All the new items have comparable stats to existing items.

Alongside the launch of the new DLC, update 2.6 is also live:

Update 2.6 contains many bug fixes, AI improvements and allows you to pick up your own building pieces! Just placed a piece in the wrong spot? Now you can pick it back up and place it again.

Please click here to read the full PC, Xbox and PlayStation patch notes.

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