Update 2.5 – Character transfer, sheathed weapons, weapon improvements and new small animal pens!

Greetings Exiles! The all-new Update 2.5 introduces the character transfer system, allows you to show sheathed weapons and shields on your character, improves several weapons and allows you to build the new small animal pen!

Character transfer

We are very happy to introduce the much-requested feature of character transfer between servers. You can now transfer characters between Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah servers, or from an official to an unofficial server.

With character transfer now available, it may be the perfect time to try out the new Isle of Siptah expansion and see if you can survive, build and dominate on the dangerous island map.

When transferring a character you will keep the character name, level, appearance, feats and main inventory (you can’t transfer an overburdened character).

Character transfer is completely free but does have a 24-hour cooldown between each transfer to a PvE server and a 7-day cooldown after a transfer to a PvP server. Because of different server rulesets we have had to implement certain restrictions to make sure that the new system can’t be exploited.

Some of the most important of these restrictions are that you can only have one character on each server, you can transfer from an official to an unofficial server but not from unofficial to official, and you can transfer from a PvP server to a PvE server but not from PvE to PvP.

Click here to read the full character transfer rules and a step-by-step process on how to transfer.

Weapon improvements and balance changes

Update 2.5 brings an update to two-handed axes, katanas and claw weapons.

These weapons have gotten new attacks and animations. The katana now has both light and heavy combo attacks and has its dash on the special attack button. Light katana attacks are horizontal slashes, great for crowd control, while the heavy attacks are slower but more powerful.

Two-handed axes have also gotten new light and heavy attack chains, though some two-handed axes have retained the old attacks, should you prefer to keep using them. The axes using the new attacks have also gotten a block for their special attack button.

Claws and punching daggers have all new attacks which allow for fast strikes and bleed. The special attack is a 3-hit combo which cannot be stopped by blocking. There are also four new crafting recipes for claws and punching daggers, which can be learned at both early and late levels.

There are several other balance changes to weapons and combat, such as fixing animation canceling in combat (except by dodge), a rebalance of several two-handed weapons, updated dual weapons (like Whirlwind blades), reduced the duration of bleed from 20 seconds to 8 and removed the ability of some special weapons to cause extra stacking of bleed when using combos which already cause bleed.


Sheathed weapons

There are a myriad of cool looking weapons and shields in the game and of course in the Isle of Siptah expansion and the many culture DLCs we have made. You are now able to see these weapons when they are sheathed on your character!

While sheathed you will see most of the weapons on your character’s back, but some weapons, such as daggers, will be equipped on your belt. Weapons will be placed the closest to your back and shields will be placed over them.

So, you can now enjoy the sight of your coolest weapons, whether crafted, looted or taken from fallen enemy players, even when they are not drawn.

Small animal pens plus more

Taming captured animals to be your pets is an important part of the game, but the existing animal pens have been very big, making them hard to make room for within your base.

With Update 2.5 you can now build a much smaller animal pen which will help greatly with this issue. This small animal pen can only hold one animal at any time but could be a great building for newer players who perhaps dream of having their own pet kappa or hyena.

The update also improves radium torches, so that they can cast light from any dye, makes fish and shellfish last 10 times longer before they spoil in their traps, makes putrid meat and fat grubs last longer in compost bins, reduces the knockdown duration after being rammed by a horse and much more.

Click here to read the full patch notes for PC.
Update 2.5 will follow soon on PlayStation and Xbox.

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