PvE Conflict Change + EVEN MORE SERVERS!!

Hail, Exiles!

It’s thrilling to see so many Exiles surviving, building, and dominating since launch, and we truly, sincerely appreciate your support through the first day. What a tremendous response in the past 24 hours!

It has not been without its challenges; you’ve made it clear you want more Official Servers to play on, and we are working to rise up and meet your demands as a thriving community.

New servers have sprung up over the past 24 hours, and we are continuing to bring more servers online – our goal by the end of today is to nearly double the number of Official Servers since launch, across all platforms and regions.  

You’ve also made it clear that you want more PvP servers!  By popular demand, more PvP servers are on the way. We are also switching all existing “PvE-Conflict” servers to the regular PvP ruleset.  This should help streamline the modes and make choosing a server much more simple.

Don’t worry, we’re simply changing the mode on these servers – your existing characters and buildings won’t go anywhere.

Thank you all once more for your support, Exiles.  

-The Conan Exiles team


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