Update 32 – Weapon and armor modifications, new weather system, tools, armors and weapons.

Another update is live and you have lots of new things to look forward to!

Update 32 offers both new systems and items. You can now improve your gear with the all new weapon and armor modification system. The first part of the weather system is here, allowing more dynamic weather through changing winds, increasing fog, rain, snow and thunderstorms. You can also get your hands on two brand new armor sets plus many new weapons, tools, building pieces and placeables.

Weapon, tool and armor modification

This all new system allows you to improve your weapon and armor pieces. You can choose from a host of modification kits which can give your gear all sorts of useful bonuses. The kits can be used to increase damage, reduce stamina cost, improve armor, increase durability and much more. You can even improve your harvesting tools, making them even better at getting resources.

Each piece of gear can only be improved once. There are six new feats which unlock these modifications, three for armors and three for weapons and tools. With this system you can make specialized sets of gear which can be good for different situations. Just be careful so you don’t lose your best stuff!

New weather system

We are introducing a new weather system for Conan Exiles, and update 32 is the first step in this process. The new system adjusts the weather based on what area you are in. As the weather grows more severe your surroundings can become more foggy or windy. It can start snowing and a light rain can grow in intensity and build into a full on thunderstorm with lighting strikes. In rain you can see your clothes get wet and see puddles forming on the ground.

Only the areas to the north will get this new weather system at first, but other areas (and future ones) will also get their own weather as more of the new system is rolled out. Another welcome fix is that it rains and snows much less inside your house, finally making it possible to seek shelter from the weather in front of your hearth after a long day of gathering stone, wood and hunting wolves.

All new armors and weapons!

You can now enjoy many new weapons and two full new armor sets. The Aquilonian armor is medium and the Zamorian armor is cloth. Both offer some heat protection and have very good stats for their tier. You might have noticed that the visuals for your attributes tab have been updated. This is the first step towards increasing the importance of your attributes, because in future updates you will be able to unlock perks based on how high your attributes are. The Aquilonian and Zamorian armors (along with many others) will buff certain attributes when the full perk system is implemented, making them very good if you need a few more attribute points to unlock a powerful perk.

There are three new Acheronian weapons in this update – spear, sword and axe, two new axes – ancient and waraxe, a new studded mace and a new corseque (pole weapon).  The Acheronian weapons are particularly powerful and only available to craft at level 60.

New and improved tools

New tools have been added to your toolkit in update 32. You can now use sickles to harvest fiber and cleavers to harvest meat from bodies. Gone are the days when you had to pick fiber from bushes with your bare hands!

Truncheons and bindings for capturing thralls have gotten a big boost. You can craft iron and steel truncheons, which allow you to knock out strong thralls with fewer hits. There are also new tiers of bindings, like rawhide and chain. The higher tiers of bindings allow you to drag captured thralls much farther than before.

Ceiling hatches and weapon racks

It wouldn’t be a Conan Exiles update without some new building pieces and placeables. Inverted sloping walls are no longer a hole in our arsenal of building pieces, allowing you to more easily fill gaps in your buildings with sloped roofs. Ceiling hatches are a brand new type of building piece. There is one hatch frame per building tier and four different hatches to choose from. You will also be able to build ladders from your hatches, saving valuable space inside your home as you can use them instead of stairs.

There are also new ways to make your buildings look better in this update. You can put weapon and shield racks on your walls to display your coolest gear, and decorate your house with folding screens and papyrus scrolls.

We hope you will enjoy all the new stuff in update 32. Click here to see the full patch notes.

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