What do you think of our Isle of Siptah improvements?

Greetings Exiles! Since the start of Isle of Siptah’s Early Access in September of 2020 we have introduced many updates to the expansion, and it is greatly improved today with its full launch on the 27th of May.

We would love to get your feedback the Isle of Siptah expansion: Click here to leave a Steam review.

At the beginning of Early Access we started going through feedback from the community and mapped out which changes and improvements were to be made. This feedback and planned changes were presented in December of 2020 in a producer letter.

The most important updates have been the following:

  • Introduced new NPC camps, the purge and made the unique features (maelstrom, surge, vaults) more accessible. See the update here.
  • Increased the map size with new biomes, added new features and improved the environment settings. See the update here.

Today Isle of Siptah’s map is almost the exact same size of the Exiled Lands and it is filled with unique features, deep dungeons, NPC factions, new creatures, new building sets and a host of new rewards, weapons and armors.

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