Update 2.3 – Isle of Siptah improvements and NPC camps

Hello Exiles. We are very excited to tell you about all the new content and improvements in Update 2.3! Most of it is dedicated to improving the Isle of Siptah expansion but the brand-new sprint attacks and single-player offline mode is available to every PC player.

In December we talked about the improvements coming to the Isle of Siptah and you are getting many of them now in Update 2.3. These improvements are being introduced because of Early Access feedback from the community, and keep in mind that even more content and features are coming to the Isle of Siptah in future updates.

An island full of new life

A myriad of new NPC camps have been springing up around the Isle of Siptah. These camps allow you to not only capture thralls the traditional way (clubbing them over the head and dragging them back to spend some quality time on a wheel of pain), but also feature all new bosses which give great loot and unique rewards in the form of fragments of power (more on these below).

The camps help fill the island full of life and conflict. They also allow you to acquire human companions in a completely new way. By using a key looted off a jailor, you can unlock a cage and free the human NPC within. They will then become your companion without having to be broken on a wheel of pain. Make sure you search the new camps thoroughly though, as they may contain some secrets, and you may even find new and unique (and very cute) pet puppies!

The NPCs in the camps come from three different factions. Stygian mercenaries, determined to rebuild their old colony on the eastern side of the island, are moving in force. Black Corsair pirates have landed on the western shores and are setting up foreboding camps adorned with the corpses of their enemies. Near the tower a third group has settled. This mad bunch is known only as the Accursed and seem to be working closely with the creatures of the outer dark, which normally are only called forth by the mysterious storms on the island.

Updated vaults, storm and surges

These three features used to be closely linked, so that you had to do one after the other. With update 2.3 they can now be enjoyed separately, giving you more freedom and options on how you play the Isle of Siptah expansion.

The deep vaults, where the remnants of ancient races still dwell, are now all level 60 dungeons and offer great rewards, such as new armors, weapons and feats teaching you the recipes for brand-new placeables. The sigils from the vaults no longer increase your damage against storm monsters but instead offer unique and powerful buffs (which last until your next death).

The horrific storm monsters are still an important source of the mysterious essences required to control the surges (but not the only one), and they drop many new weapons and unique rewards. You can now build within the area covered by the raging storm, freeing up large parts of the map for base building. The effect of the storm itself is not as overpowering as before, making it much easier to build and live within its radius, and the monstrous creatures of the storm no longer swarm to attack any building in sight.

With the introduction of NPC camps and purges, the surges are no longer the only way to get thralls on the Isle of Siptah. Eldarium from vaults is not needed to take control of a surge but you must still use the mysterious essences to power it.

You can start a surge at any time now, even when the storm is raging. The random wild surges have been removed and only three of the shrines near the tower remain. Surges are still great sources of high tier thralls and you can also get your hands on great loot and fragments of power from them.

New purges and treasure chamber

Your camps and settlements can from now on be subject to purges, like you know them from the Exiled Lands. The inhabitants of the island will rise up and attack your buildings, so be sure to protect them well. You can also use a convergence trap to provoke a purge. This can be quite handy because human attackers can be captured as thralls and their bosses may even drop fragments of power.

But what can the Isle of Siptah fragments of power be used for? The massive black tower of Siptah looms in the center of the island, and with this update you can enter a mysterious chamber at its bottom. Though the wonderous room does not allow for further exploration of the tower, several great rewards await within and it is these rewards which can be unlocked with the fragments of power. The incredible treasures include several new armor sets (Dragonbone and new Silent Legion!), new weapons and placeables.

Offline mode and sprint attacks

A long requested feature has been to add an offline mode to Conan Exiles. With Update 2.3 you will be able to play in single-player mode while offline on PC. When starting the game while offline it will say Offline Mode in the lower right corner of the main menu.

The combat system in Conan Exiles has been updated and tweaked many times, and this time we are happy to introduce the brand-new sprint attacks!

It can often be hard to try and catch a fleeing opponent, especially when attacking causes your character to stop sprinting right before they strike. The new sprint attacks can help you with this though and allow you to carry your sprinting momentum forward as you try and hit your opponent.

Each weapon has gotten their own sprint attack so feel free to try out the new improvement. Just start sprinting and activate an attack at the same time. Happy hunting everyone!

For full patch notes for Update 2.3, please click here.

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