Here are the winners of the holiday screenshot competition

Dear exiles,

Happy new year! We hope everyone had a great holiday season and hope you’re ready to dive headfirst into 2018.

Before the holiday break we announced a community competition, asking players to send us their best holiday themed screenshots from Conan Exiles. We got a lot of really cool screenshots from you guys, both on PC and on Xbox, and it’s been incredibly difficult choosing winners. Eventually, we finally landed on a grand prize winner and two runners up for each platform.

The grand prize winner will get a Conan Exiles Collector’s Edition and a canvas print of the game’s key art. 2nd place wins a key art canvas print and the 3rd place entry will get a Barbarian Edition T-shirt.

Below you will find the winners for each category and three honorable mentions that we wanted to give some extra attention.

Xbox winners

Grand prize winner: Jaoko Kabura

We saw a lot of interpretations of “Barbarian Santa Claus” in this competition, but this one from Jaoko Kabura was the best in this category. The dyed clothes, reindeer heads and giant bag of loot are great details, but the guy in the Silent Legion armor in front of Santa is the capper on an already fantastic screenshot. Congratulations!

2nd place winner: STH Unborn

This barbarian Santa Claus decided to forgo a warm cabin for four dancing reindeer to entertain him during the long, cold  winter months. Congrats, you win a key art print!

3rd place winner: ZombieHrdeQueen

The third place entry goes to this lovely winter landscape, which really captures the chill of winter. Lovely stuff.

PC winners

Grand prize winner: Yojimbe

While we got a lot of variations of Santa Claus for this competition, Yojimbe went above and beyond. He’s created an entire workshop, with explosive imps as elves, a giant Christmas tree in the background, pens for Santa’s reindeer (camels, in this case), workbenches, a house, and two giant presents for Conan and Razma. An incredible amount of planning, worthy of a collector’s edition.

2nd place winner: Iananimator

While a lot of entries focused on snow, winter, Santa Claus, or other holiday and winter related imagery, Iananimator decided to set up a screenshot around the communal aspects of the holidays. He and his group of friends down for a holiday meal near their favorite tree, enjoying each other’s company as the hustle and bustle of the world pass them by.

Due to the size of this picture, we decided to use a smaller version in the blog. Click the image for a bigger version.

3rd place winner: Andros

Coming in at 3rd place is Andros, with an image of what has to be the coziest cabin in the Exiled Lands. Though we’re not sure about that bonfire. Wouldn’t that be a massive fire hazard in a wooden cabin? Fingers crossed this won’t turn into a blazing inferno.

Xbox honorable mentions

ElChupaDingo sent us this cozy, if slightly morbid, winter cabin:

Next up, a holiday dining hall fit for a king from Brave Dawnstar:

Finally, a barbarian Santa Claus, waiting for his elves to finish working from Outcasteye711:

PC honorable mentions

WickedOz.TV sent us a gigantic Christmas tree that definitely captures the Christmas spirit:

Chestielarue decided to go for Hanukkah, rather than Christmas, with this Star of David and menorah combo. Lovely stuff:

Finally, Corey McDaniel decided to reinterpret Santa Claus in the Exiled Lands, complete with sled and reindeer. How they got the deer to stand still is beyond us:


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