Xbox patch notes (06.11.2017)

We’ve patched the Xbox version of Conan Exiles (version number 70616/14371). You’ll find the full change log below:

  • Conan Exiles is now Xbox One X ready, with improved graphics resolution and shadow quality, increased effective resolution textures, and longer view distance.
  • Disabled ripples and collision for rain particles
  • Players should now be able to summon avatars again
  • Attacking an entertainment thrall should no longer crash the server
    Minor update to building system to prevent crashing
  • Fixed rare bug where server and client would get into an infinite loop of sending messages when trying to start/stop a crafting station
  • Stamina should now regenerate as normal in single-player mode
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs wouldn’t be knocked unconcious in single-player mode
  • Various crash fixes

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