Xbox/PC parity patch (06.10.2017)

We’ve released a huge patch for Xbox that brings with it a massive amount of changes, putting the Xbox version in line with the current state of the PC version. Here’s the full list of changes we’ve done to the game:

Sprinting and wielding improvements:

  • Sprint will automatically sheathe your weapons. We refactored this system to make it depend on the character state instead of the sprint gamepad input. The benefits are subtle but this change allowed us to improve the handling of sprint when combined with other states like jumping and climbing.
  • Your weapons will autowield when you stop sprinting. You can override this behavior by sheathing your weapons manually with the wield/sheathe button (Y on gamepads).
  • If you are in the air when you stop sprinting, you will autowield when you land.
  • You can continue sprinting after a jump. This works after landing from climbing and sliding as well. If you hold sprint down, you won’t unsheathe your weapons when you land.
  • Attacking while sprinting autowields.
  • Pressing the wield/sheathe button while sprinting stops sprinting (and wields).
  • Increased the leniency of the turning clamps during sprinting. The player character will only get kicked out of sprint when attempting very drastic turns. Also, it is now possible to run diagonally while sprinting without breaking out of sprint.
  • Characters now properly get out of the sprinting state if they run out of stamina or stop moving completely.

PS: It is still our intention to add an option where players can disable the automatic wield/sheathe behavior entirely. With that option, your character won’t be able to sprint unless you’ve unwield your weapons by using the wield/sheathe button.

PPS: It is also still our intention to treat certain tools differently than weapons so they don’t get put away when you sprint.

PPPS: We are looking into ways to show which weapons you have sheathed.

Graphics optimizations:

The art team has overhauled the textures and graphical meshes in the game. 10 people have been working for 4+ weeks to drastically reduce the number of triangles in building pieces, foliage, destructible meshes, weapons, armor and non-humanoid creatures. Basically most 3D models in the game have been optimized.

Players probably won’t see a huge visual difference, but this will have a positive impact on performance (memory usage, framerate, streaming in assets)

Character handling improvements:

Holding down the attack or block buttons during wield/dodge/knockback and other special character states will now attempt to execute the action when the special state ends. This change improves the smoothness and responsiveness of combat, especially when switching weapons, getting hit, blocking and dodging.

Some examples of what this change does:

  • You can now hold block during a dodge and the character will actually go straight into block when the dodge is over. You can do the same with an attack.
  • You can hold down block to keep blocking after you recover from a knockback/hit confirm.
  • No more having to press the block button again after getting hit.
  • This change applies to the wield action as well; you can press and hold attack while sprinting to execute an attack when the wield animation is over.
  • If you were harvesting with, say, a hatchet, you can press and hold attack while sprinting to autowield your hatchet and swing as soon as the wield animation is finished.

Dodge is now allowed during wield animations.

Equipping two items at the same time (which can happen during autowield and when you press the wield/sheathe button) will prioritize the animation of the weapon in the main hand instead of the offhand (i.e. your sword instead of your shield). This will improve the visual feedback in situations where it felt like your weapon wasn’t working during the wield action because you couldn’t see it playing a wield animation (your shield was playing it instead of your sword).

Temperature system changes

  • The temperature system will now change more slowly – meaning that moving from one area to another will still apply the same temperatures but it takes longer to reach the target temperature
  • Changed temperature system popups. Temperature system now progresses (from coldest to hottest); “Frostbite, Extremely Cold, Very Cold, Cold, Normal, Hot, Very Hot, Extremely Hot, Overheating”
  • Drinking from the waterskin and the water-filled flasks will now give a cooling effect.
  • Swimming reduces temperature by a small amount.
  • It should now be possible to eat ice and get a cold buff
  • Fixed damage on “Very Hot” buff, “Very Cold” buff and “Extremely Hot” and “Extremely Cold” buffs. The damage has been removed from the “Very” versions and slightly lowered for the “Extremely” versions
  • The screen edge effect for temperature (de)buffs have been modified to be less intrusive
  • Frost bite damage has been increased
  • The following items now provide correct temperature protection:
    – Sandstorm Breathing Mask
    – Darfari Speaker Mask
    – Leather Workgloves
    – Climbing Gloves
    – Climbing Boots
    – Black Hand Vest
    – Black Hand Trousers
    – Relic Hunter Turban
    – Relic Hunter Shirt
    – Relic Hunter Gloves
    – Relic Hunter Trousers
    – Relic Hunter Boots
  • All of the above now grant anti-heat bonuses, except for the leather workgloves that give a +2 temperature.
  • Exile Heavy armor now increases temperature as follows:
    – Normal: +5
    – Exceptional: +8
    – Flawless: +13
  • Exile Medium armor now increases temperature as follows:
    – Normal: +5
    – Exceptional: +8
    – Flawless: +13
  • Reptile armor now decreases temperature by a total of –15

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Exploit Fix: Fixed a way to duplicate explosive jars
  • Exploit Fix: You can no longer interact with objects through walls
  • Newly created characters who choose Ymir as their religion will receive the recipe for Altar to Ymir. Unfortunately, the fix did not unlock it for characters created before this fix. You can use the yellow lotus potion to reset your stats and recipes. This will give you your Ymir alter feat rather than having to recreate your character.
  • Added option for locking containers (Containers owned by clan are lockable/unlockable for all members of that clan)
  • Removed the mighty invisible wall around an NPC camp tent so it would stop blocking arrows
  • Fixed an issue where doors in The Dregs dungeon wouldn’t open
  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash if an item disappeared from your hotbar and another item was placed on top of it
  • The inventory that opens when interacting with unconscious players now has navigation
  • It should now be possible to build on Static Meshes
  • The NPC resurrection wizard has re-learned an improved version of his resurrection spell that should now bring NPCs back to life correctly
  • Players can now build foundations on foliage buildings (most Acheronian buildings are)
  • Shellfish trap now has collision with players and NPCs
  • Windows, doorways and fences should no longer snap part way up foundations
  • Mitra has graced his T2 and T3 altars with his presence, and the flames should no longer be offset
  • Komodos should now die properly, open-mouthed with their tounge sticking out
  • The dead NPC that drops Razma’s journal 3 should now have a face that doesn’t look messed up
  • PvP death notifications should now appear when a player logs back in after being killed offline
  • You should now be able to use items when they’re in containers (click the “More” button)
  • Dying from poison should now show the name of the person who poisoned you
  • Items that don’t need to be on your hotbar should no longer appear on your hotbar when crafting them
  • Equipping arrows to a bow in the radial menu will add the arrows to the bow properly
  • Fixed a case where players could lose movement control and the ability to chat if they opened chat with Vanity Cam
  • ctivated
  • Fixed some issues where players were not allowed to build in places where they should
  • Fixed an issue where characters could temporarily lose their saved appearance when logging in
  • You should no longer be able to sprint in the air
  • Closed up a hole in the ruins to prevent players from placing bedrolls inside it
  • Extended the wooden backplate on all trophies so they can be attached properly to walls
  • Stacksizes of trophies have been increased
  • Hyena Head Trophies can be placed on the outer side of walls.
  • Small correction to the cold stage 3 buff where it did not do hunger damage
  • Updated Lore Objects Table updated with placeholder images for notes
  • The Kingslayer Polearm now uses stamina as intended
  • Exceptional Star Metal Hammers no longer requires the player to know a recipe they can’t learn anywhere
  • Arcos The Wanderer no longer teaches the player an emote they know by default. Arcos now teaches the “Clap Small.” emote
  • The Stygian Brazier and Stygian Tripod Brazier should now have the correct names
  • It should now be easier to place down placeables
  • Shemite and Zamorian dancer outfits are now available from armorer thralls
  • Cooking thralls can now be placed at stoves
  • All T3 Carpenters give recipes for; Flawless Crossbow, Flawless Heavy Crossbow, and Flawless Hyrkanian Bow. These can all be crafted by the player once they’ve learned the base feat for each item
  • Players should no longer be prompt spammed when trying to enter The Black Keep
  • NPC’s should no longer spawn on the archways above Skulker’s End
  • Harlot diary page on The Broken Highway has been relocated to the river area
  • The Keychest in the Abandoned keep should no longer give you keys if you already have one
  • Updated the Underwater breathing buff to not check every tick
  • Giant King (and ghost version) should now have a hitbox and can be damaged
  • Wall braziers can now be destroyed
  • World Loot Chests can be destroyed by punching them (about 8 hits)
  • Added mechanics to allow players to lock/unlock containers
  • Arrows can now be picked up by players after they’ve hit something unless they break on impact
  • Fixed an issue where players could make foundations float,
  • Fixed a clan window crash
  • Players who try to spawn inside mountains should now be sent to the desert instead
  • Black Ice Crenelated walls now correctly deal damage to climbing players
  • Exploding Imps now drop Explosive Glands again
  • Clan owner can now promote another member to Leader
  • Tyros the Death Bringer has now learned how to properly walk down stairs
  • Reduced health on Tyros the Death Bringer
  • Reduced drop rate of Demon blood from Baby Dragon

Balance and Gameplay Fixes

  • You can only repair an item if you have the recipe for it.
  • You can repair Exceptional and Flawless items, but it needs to be done in a workbench with a thrall
  • AI improvements – Split ranged and melee fighter behaviors. Allowed move and shoot for archers
  • Directional movement now rotates entire character instead of blending different rotated animations when using gamepad and playing in third person
  • Undead creatures should now do damage properly
  • Fixed some wrong spawn entries which spammed the logs
  • Added pop-up hint to Star Metal meteors when players try to harvest the outer shell with tools. Star Metal core can now be harvested with all tools, but black ice tools give the most resources
  • Dragon Hatchlings (both red and green), Green Dragon and Crocodile Boss should now be tougher and drop correct resources
  • Thrall specialty recipes should now be in the recipe slots, not the Thrall slot
  • When multiple players help kill a monster the XP is now distributed among everyone that contributed damage.
  • It should no longer be possible to do damage with an Avatar once the summoning duration has ended
  • Added an option to disable autowield. The default is off, which means autowield/autosheathe. If the option is turned on sprint will not work unless your hands are empty. Players can still press X to sheathe when in automode to achieve a similar behavior
  • Fixed the water volume in the lake near the 3 towers
  • Added correct collision to Acheronian ruins to prevent players from getting stuck
  • A map marker will now point to where you died.
  • You should now gain the correct amount of experience points when discovering something
  • Black Ice is now a required ingredient in repairs for Black Ice recipes
  • Black Ice nodes correctly give out black ice resources
  • Fur can now be made into leather in a tannery
  • Recipes for: Honeyglazed Roast, Honeyed Eggs, Mystery Meat Soup, Honeyed Gruel, Honey Jerky, Honeybread, Ice Tea have been added to cooking thralls
  • Reduced the weight of hardened steel armor and the Silent legion set
  • Players should no longer repeatedly be able to dismantle/craft Explosive Jars for infinite XP. Dismantled Explosive Jars no longer refund Earthenware Jug or Dragonpowder
  • Reduced the amount of berries required for Berry juice
  • Made it possible to place Shellfish traps in shallow water
  • Fixed root motion attacks on Boars, Bears, Crocodiles, Rhinos, Frost Giants, and Death Knights and they should no longer teleport after they’ve finished charging.
  • Loot specific to The Frozen North should now be available in loot chests in that area
  • Ice + Glassflask in a campfire will now make a filled Water flask
  • Thirst will now automatically replenish itself to 100% when first submerged in water
  • Minor tweak to loot tables to add bolts.
  • The Cry-for-Help radius of humanoid NPCs have been reduced significantly. This will make it a bit easier to break camps and not have to face hordes of enemies all the time (although it will still happen if the player is not careful)
  • Crafting times have been tweaked for most recipes in the game to about half. This change will be most notable for weapons and ammunition such as bolts and arrows. Some food items are also significantly affected
  • Reduced the droprate of Black Ice for the Ice Rocknoses.
  • Tier 3 sandstone fences now have the correct material costs
  • Dragonpowder and Explosive Jars no longer have decay timers
  • Glacier-crack now does less damage
  • Crafting cost for Pillars have been reduced by 50%
  • Fixed an instance where you would incorrectly equip previously equipped weapons.
  • Crafting cost for Hardened Steel and Star Metal hammers have been increased
  • Telith’s Lament, the Kingslayer Polearm and the Deathbringer axe have had their stats adjusted upwards
  • Black Ice Longsword and Broadsword should now have different stats
  • Hardened Steel spears should now have armor penetration
  • Armor penetration has been increased for daggers
  • Damage on daggers have been lowered
  • Doors will now close automatically after about 30 seconds
  • Black Ice recipes, Silent Legion recipes and the King Beneath polearm recipes should now require the player to know Starmetal or Hardened steel feats before learning them
  • NPCs should be easier to capture using the fiber bindings
  • Placeables can now be interacted with underwater
  • Switching weapons in midair should now work again
  • The Crude Wooden Bowl can now be interacted with properly.
  • Highland wine can now be crafted correctly
  • You will now only get Tar when dismantling Explosive Jars
  • Overheating now reduces max stamina instead of adding encumbrance
  • Crafting time on items has been rebalanced (hunting bow etc)


  • Moved a ghost cinematic to the correct location
  • Added falling boulders and frozen rocks

Performance and Tech Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where parsing remote address with no port produced port number zero instead of default port
  • Various minor tech fixes
  • Fixed an issue where precaching would break mods
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fix for local weather controller and rain/snow environments
  • Fixed missing BP_ServerSettings default
  • Data tables re-export, re-import and localization regeneration
  • Changed priority on how buildings are loaded in. Buildings closer to the player are now prioritized. This, along with containers being lockable, should help combat “ghost raiding”
  • Set up asyncronous loading and cache handling of building items to prevent stalls and overeager memory usage
  • Code improvements for character creation
  • The loading screen should no longer last forever
  • Removed log spam for creatures failing to spawn
  • There should no longer be log spawn when equipping Black Ice Wooden Ceiling and Doorway
  • Auto-running with the map open should no longer crash the game
  • The loading screen shouldn’t disappear and re-appear for a few seconds during loading
  • Added a BuildingPreloadRadius-server setting
  • TickFunction cleanup and optimizations
  • The Abandoned Keep map has been split from the teleporters that are now placed in their own level. This should hopefully reduce the amount of assets loaded in at the same time
  • Fixed inventory latency/freeze
  • Fixed a client crash related to blueprint dependencies
  • Removed log spam for creatures failing to spawn
  • Fixed a problem with recipes on shortcut bar failing to create new items
  • Fixed a bug with crafting queues which could cause servers to stall and become unresponsive
  • Fixed a bug in the animation system which could trigger a server and client crash

Audiovisual Improvements

  • Overhauled all destructible meshes to reduce the number of polygons in each mesh:
    • Avg. triangle count before optimization: 48227
    • Avg. triangle count after optimization: 9596
    • Avg. triangle reduction: 85.5%
  • Runestones without written lore no longer have the lore display pop up
  • Minor inventory UI updates and improvements
  • Visual improvements to Server Settings UI
  • Text fields are now as big as they should be
  • Behind the scenes fixes and improvements to character creation
  • Improved snow particle effect and fixed visibility issues with weather
  • Optimized bushes
  • Fixed the sidebars for the new crafting stations.
  • Grease orbs should no longer leave a weird line effect when thrown at walls
  • Fixed an issue where corpse near spawn area looked distorted
  • Added additional animations and tweaks to crocodiles
  • Improved buttons in Feats window
  • Hosting player should now have a nameplate on a single-player/co-op server
  • Updated graphics on the radial menu so it’s consistent with the shortcut bar
  • Changed and muted audio volume for weather because it ruined all other sounds
  • Labels on hotbar should now update to reflect current keybindings
  • The inside face on Black Ice reinforced Walls should no longer flicker
  • Various animation fixes for Frost Giant, Death Knight, Sewer abomination and other NPCs
  • Slope tilting corrections and adjustments for elephant and mammoth
  • Fixed the textures on the Children of Jhil monster
  • Fixed hitboxes for scorpion attacks
  • Tweaked Shaleback ground smash attack so it can’t rotate right after it smashes the ground
  • Added some anticipation to the crocodile basic attacks
  • Gave scorpion tail attack longer anticipation and more recovery time
  • Updated Avatar User Interface
  • Fixed flipped Acheronian wall piece near Dogs of the desert
  • Fixed a floating fence in dogs of the desert camp entrance
  • Replaced Camp watchtowers with Static ones. (so they can be seen from far away)
  • Half-buried Ymir statue should now have collision
  • Drawing your weapon and harvesting iron ore should now have the correct sounds
  • Highland trees should now have sound when they are chopped down.
  • Replace barrels in the Highland camps with barrels players can’t destroy
  • Replace beds in the Highland camps with beds players can’t destroy
  • Fixed compression artifacting on lore tablet glow
  • Black/White Ice textures have been visually improved
  • Fixed grass materials so they look right from all angles
  • Bracketed Torch should now use the correct fire texture
  • Increased radius for lightsources
  • Red and green dragon hatchlings should now have the proper collision
  • Make dryer visually update when putting in dried fish/raw fish/meat/dried meat
  • The spikes in the black keep spike traps should now come out of the walls as they kill you
  • Frost temple – the Smith no longer spawns inside the Frost Smithy
  • Light from light-sources has been slightly reduced. This should alleviate some of the FPS drops players were having in their bases
  • We now show Attributes description when one of the buttons is selected with a controller.
  • Added missing crafting station images
  • Fixed a problem with loss of recipes/recipes going invisible. “Lost” recipes are returned to recipes window.
  • Text input for message of the day is now easier to use both on Xbox
  • Fixed a shadow flickering problem with new biome T2 and T3 buildings

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