New Building Upgrade System

In the 2.2 patch, we changed how we upgrade building pieces. Previously, we linked to individual meshes in blueprints. This system was very error-prone and limited. With the release of 2.2, we have altered this system to rely on GameplayTags .

The old method has been deprecated. This means that it will keep working for a while but we may remove it in the future.

Effect of the new method

The new method allows us to

Project Settings

The project settings determine which tables to collect GameplayTags from.

Currently, two tables are used for this:

These tables cannot be dynamically merged by the modcontroller as it is controlled by the project itself.

Building pieces

Building pieces now have a new upgrade method; using the table, it’s possible to set up the building pieces with any tag/s from the table. Setting up building pieces like this will allow them to replace any building piece with (any) matching tag/s.

It should be noted that while it is possible to mix existing tags, it should be avoided, since it can cause ratbox issues - for example - allowing a new wall piece to upgrade from a wall and a fence is not a good idea.

Current list of tags

Note: In the tags-list for the “Can Upgradefrom Tag List” there will be a folder structure present as well as tags that are outside the folder. The tags you should use are the ones inside the folder structure, not in the base list.

These are the valid tags:

More on gameplay tags system: