Game systems


Creating an NPC

Creating a new Thrall type

Creating a Pet

Thralls/Pets progression system

Creating Buffs

Creating a placeable

Creating a Crafting Station


Building piece basics

New Building Upgrade System

Modding related systems

Mod Controller basics

Data Table Merging Operations

String Enums

Custom utility functions

Map related systems

Multimap Functionality

Map Design Best Practices

Making a Camp

Optimization Procedures

Tables information

Weighted Tables Primer

Loot Table Primer

ItemStatModification Table Primer - Character stats

Data Table Testing

Art Guides

Icon Creation Helper

Setting up child Animation Blueprints

Armor and Clothing modelling Primer

Armor Concept guidelines - Conan Exiles

Armor Modelling - Conan Exiles

Armor Sculpt Case Study

Armor Textures - Conan Exiles

Armor Skinning - Conan Exiles

Armor Set-Up in Unreal - Conan Exiles

Hair texture creation with Fibermesh (Zbrush)

Hair modeling & cards

DS - Six Axis Decal Spawns

DS - Decal Spawns on NPC and Players

BHS - Texture Pipeline

BHS - Material Workflow

BHS - Particle System Overview


Custom Console Commands

Use blutility scripts to search all blueprints that have a given property

Radial Menu


If you feel like you’d like some more explanations or guides on some specific game systems, or some new features to empower you to make better mods, please have a look at the Trello modding feature suggestion board .