Armor Concept guidelines - Conan Exiles

General Notes

Male and Female Versions
In most cases the female model is just a fitted version of the male model, but in some cases that is not the best solution. Keep this in mind, and design separate female pieces when necessary.

One example is if you want the male chest to be bare (showing nipples), then the female chest needs to be covered somehow:

Another example is when the male version has a lot of detail in the chest area. The female breasts are scalable in game, and therefore any amount of intricate detail in that area will cause a lot of distortion. This can be solved by designing a separate female top piece.

The range of breast sizes in Conan Exiles:

Armor Parts and Cut-Off Points

Conan Exiles equipment is broken up into 5 parts – Head, Top, Bottom, Hands and Feet. All armor and clothing pieces in the game can be worn interchangeably across sets, therefore the designs need to conform to these 5 sections.

As every piece of the armor can be worn alone, or paired with pieces from any other armor set in game it is important that every piece works individually. For example in cases where the armor covers the waist both the bottom and top part of the armor needs to have a proper finish in the area where the split goes, so neither looks unfinished/not plausible on their own, in addition to looking good together.

Color Restrictions - 4 colors limit

All the armor and clothing colors in Conan Exiles are completely customizable through the dyeing system. However the dyeing system comes with the limitation of supporting only 4 colors per piece of armor (every piece has its own map, so for example the 4 colors used on the top piece doesn’t need to be the same 4 that is used in the helmet, or bottom piece). In addition, it is possible to make some areas not be dyeable, although it’s very undesirable as it restricts the players, which might lead to complaints. An example of when it is okay is when some of the armors contains bone/horns/antlers that has natural color gradient, that looks better undyed.

As the lightness is determined by a separate map, it is possible to stretch the conceived amount of colors by having a darker and lighter version of the same color. Like in this example, where the light and dark leather has the same color map but the lightness is different, so even though it looks like 2 colors it only takes up 1 color layer.

The dying restrictions also affects things like dirt, rust or corrosion, that normally will just take the color of whichever surface it’s on top of. In the case of the Argossean armors we ended up dedicating a color layer specifically for the copper corrosion (the turquoise parts of the metal shown below), so it is possible, just make sure to keep it in mind when making the design.

The goal is to always aim for the player to have as much customizability as possible, and at the same time look awesome!