Armor Textures - Conan Exiles

Normal Map Baking - Best Results

In order to make sure we get the best, and correct, results out of our Normal map, there are a couple of things to have in consideration before baking the Normal Map.

For more information and other useful tips on how to get the best results out of your Normal Map bake, please see Marmoset Toolbag’s Baking Tutorial .

Character Texture Naming Conventions

All character clothing and armor textures should use the following texture naming conventions:



Texture Creation

Exporting from Substance Painter

Diffuse (T_A_[armorset]_[part]_D)

Masks (T_A_[armorset]_[part]_M)

The Masks texture contains material information split into the four color channels. This is set up to fit with the Unreal Armor Material and the CSB_UE_export preset.

Because of how the Unreal material is set up we use a flipped version of the green channel as the blue channel, as it gives the best result. After exporting from Substance Painter open the T_A_[armorset]_[part]_M texture in Photoshop. Open the channels tab on the right, and select the green channel. Select all the content of the green channel and press ctrl + C to copy the content of the green channel. Go over to the blue channel, press ctrl + shift + V, and then ctrl + I to paste and invert the content into the blue channel.

*note: If you want to skip the step of inverting the blue channel in Photoshop, changing the blue channel of the "CE_armor_export" Substance preset from “roughness” to "glossiness" (under the converted maps) will correctly export the inverted blue channel.

Normals (T_A_[armorset]_[part]_N)

Normals texture contains all the normal information from your baking and texturing, and should be ready for Unreal straight from the Substance Painter Export.

Tint Mask (T_A_[armorset]_[part]_TM)

The tint mask is used in Unreal to determine which part of the model should have which color. The easiest way to apply this to you model in Substance Painter is by adding the CSB Tint Mask smart material on top of your material stack. Then use the mask layers to select the different parts that should have the same color. Export Tint Mask using the CSB_Tintmask preset.

The Alpha Channel is the top layer of the tint mask, then comes the Blue Channel, then Green Channel and then Red Channel on the bottom. Therefore if an area is white in the Alpha Channel it will be controlled by the Alpha Channel color, even though the same area is white in any of the underlying levels. The same goes for the other levels, if an area is white in the Blue Channel it will override any colors set to that area in the Red Channel or Green Channel.

After exporting open the T_A_[armorset]_[part]_TM in Photoshop, and open the channels panel.

This is how a typical Tint Mask looks.

Every channel should contain a black and white mask, NOT greyscale, unless there is a very specific case where color blending is absolutely needed.