BHS - Particle System Overview

The key to this particle system is how few particles actually spawn and how it utilizes optimized materials and textures. The goal is to have the textures do the heavy lifting so that you need less particles to accomplish having enough blood coverage. The systems is pretty self explanatory, so this section will only briefly describe the LOD setup, overdraw from shader complexity and provide a quick overview.

Unreal Location : Content > Effects > Particles > P_blood_directional_hit_1


While the blood system looks dense it is actually made up of very few particles. You’ll see that in the systems below there are a total of 26 particles and a max of 5 or 6 per emitter. The Blood drops have been allocated to a GPU emitter, but honestly they have minimal impact and can be turned off entirely if need be.


An LOD system has been setup with only LOD0 and LOD1. At LOD one, as indicated below, only the spawn total is affected. The Blood drops are nonexistent and all other emitters only spawn 1 particle. The distance for LOD1 is set to 2500 currently.


While the shader complexity will produce white in particles, it dies out very quickly and is only a minimal hit. This is why it is crucial to have the Opaque materials mixed with the Translucent ones.