Feat Table Primer

Feat Table

The Feat Table houses the feats in the game - feats are collections of recipes known by the player.

Row Name

The row for each entry in the FeatTable is a unique ID. This ID is used for most methods of identifying the feat and is called a "Template ID" in functions used in the event-graph. This ID is used whenever a feat is taught to the player in the game, for example through the ClientSideInteractable blueprint.


Feat Name - The display name of the feat.

Description - Not in use

Icon - The icon displayed in the Feat UI.

Icon Layers - For use when feat icons have additional layers, such as for epic feats. Use this OR “Icon”, not both.

Icon Overlay - Not in use

Give on Spawn - If this is ticked, the feat is given to players as soon as they start the game with a new character.

Level Requirement - This determines the level the player needs to be in order to obtain the feat.

Feat Cost - How much the feat costs to acquire.

Categories - Determines the tab where the feat gets sorted.

Prerequisite Feat - If the feat requires other feats to be learned before this is, here is where you enter the ID's of those feats.

Reward Recipe - This list should contain all the recipes you want the player to learn once obtaining the feat.

Show In Feat Window - If this is unchecked, the feat does not show up automatically in the UI and instead must be learned through other means, such as speaking to a dialogue NPC or through the ClientSideInteractable blueprint.

Auto Learn Dlc Feat - Only used internally

Always Hidden in Feat Window - Prevents the feat from ever being shown, even if learned

CornerstoneLevel - This value determines if the feat is a cornerstone or not and also the ordering of the feat in the UI. The lower the value, the higher up in the feat list.