Cross-mod functionality

Sharing your assets

In order to better facilitate communication between mods, we have added the support for a ModsShared folder which allows modders to store some assets which they want other modders to use. This can include any type of asset, and would be useful for interfaces, enums, structs.

This is done by placing assets into the ModsShared folder, which will contain a folder for your mod.

In this folder you should add any assets which you would like to share with other modders. When you’re ready to share this you can find the contents at Content/Mods/<modname>/Shared this is what you should share with other modders. You can find this by using the Active Mod Folder button in the devkit window.

When cooking your mod, you’ll see the assets shared as Shared Assets

Using another Mods shared assets

If you wish to use the shared assets another modder has given you should copy the folder to the Content/ModsShared folder of the devkit. You will need to restart the devkit after doing this for the assets to be picked up by the devkit. For example, I want to use the assets from TestMod, I would copy the TestMod folder containing the assets into the ModsShared then relaunch my devkit.

Now you can freely use anything shared by the other mod, it will be included in your cooked mod by default.

When cooking your mod, both the shared assets and your own assets will be cooked, meaning your mod will function with or without the mod providing those assets. Note, that you don’t have to include these assets if you don’t want to. Using the Choose Assets For Cook will allow you to not bloat your own mod with shared assets you’re not using, it will also allow you to make sure you’re including the assets you need, these will be called External Assets .