The Age of War Is Here!

By marcush | June 22, 2023

“… but not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood, restless harbingers of violence and bloodshed, knowing no other path…” – Robert E. Howard, A Witch Shall Be Born    Exiles!    The land trembles beneath boots of war. Stygia has come!      …

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Clan Hoards and Emblems in the Age of War

By marcush | June 20, 2023

Plunder and symbols – the foundations of war.    Greetings Exiles,     In only a few days, the cries of the dying will rend the air. Will you join them, or live to fight another day?     We hope you enjoyed last week’s Combat Design deep dive by our Lead Designer Dennis. Today, we leap into…

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Developer Letter – Combat changes during the Age of War

By torea | June 15, 2023

Hello everyone! My name is Dennis Douthett, and I’m the Lead Designer for Conan Exiles. I’ve spent a lot of my time as Lead Designer collaborating with the community on Discord, showing off new content on Twitch and YouTube, but this is the first time I’ve worked on a blog post to go with a…

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Chapter 3 BattlePass Backgrounds

By nicole | June 14, 2023

We hope you enjoy the beautiful artwork within the BattlePass! You can take a look at them here for Chapter 3 without the icons. These three pieces were created by Robert Vajda:ArtStation: Previous Chapter Artworks here:Chapter 1: 2: You can click each image to enhance them and see all the details without…

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By andyb | May 31, 2023

Phlngha Wgah’n tha orr’e, sorcerous ones! Your winners of the MYSTIC MASTERPIECES art contest have been cast, and competition was fierce. We bow to the mastery beheld by your arcane arts – and without further ado, behold what we beheld! WINNERS (in no particular order): These pieces blew us away and truly captured the essence…

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Conan Exiles Announces The Age of War!

By marcush | May 22, 2023

Like Age of Sorcery, Age of War will bring a series of updates, outlined in our new Roadmap. Greetings Exiles,     As one age ends, another must begin.      The Age of Sorcery has brought us a huge amount of content in less than a year – the sorcery system, building revamp, attributes overhaul, new…

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Developer Livestream: The Next Age

By andyb | May 17, 2023

Greetings Exiles, A new Age is upon us! Still reeling from the strife and chaos wrought by Sorcery, the Exiled Lands now face a new adversary looming over the horizon. Gather your courage and rally to our next developer livestream to learn more about the next chapter of Conan Exiles. Join Lead Designer Dennis Douthett…

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5 Years of Conan Exiles!

By marcush | May 8, 2023

Exiles! Break open the casks and unleash the cake, because it’s time to celebrate five incredible years of Conan Exiles! Over time, we’ve seen the game grow bigger than we ever imagined, and that goes for all of you, our community, too! Without your passion and creativity, the game wouldn’t be where it is, so thank…

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Conan Exiles Anniversary Approaches

By admin | May 4, 2023

Join us on May 8th for our 5-year Anniversary Stream!  Greetings Exiles,  May 8th will mark the 5th anniversary of Conan Exiles and we are banding together with the community to celebrate this monumental day.  Hosted by our community managers; we’ll be playing Conan Exiles, having fun quizzes, and sharing in the festive spirit by…

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Mystic Masterpieces Art Contest

By andyb | April 13, 2023

MYSTIC MASTERPIECES VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY Calling all practitioners of the arcane arts! Mystic Masterpieces is here, and we want you to show off your skills and create a masterpiece that captures the essence of golems or all things sorcery. The prize? Your artwork will be featured in-game within decorative placeables…

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