Building Unleashed – Creative Mode in Age of Sorcery

Greetings Exiles,  

Have you ever wished you could just build to the horizon and not worry about bashing rocks and chopping trees? That’s what Creative Mode is for. In Age of Sorcery, we’re making building as easy as possible, and today we’d like to talk about this new mode, explaining exactly how you can access it, and what you can do in it.  

How and where to access Creative Mode

Conan Exiles is many things, including a sandbox. Creative Mode pushes this aspect to its fullest, letting you build without costs or restrictions. To access it, you simply open the menu and hit “Activate Creative Mode”, and boom.  

Raise your city into the sky.

Of course, this mode will only be accessible on servers that allow it. On a private server for example, you can activate it whenever you want. By default, you’ll need to have administrator permission too, but you can make it available to anyone on the server through an option. We’ve also added an option to remove the stability loss multiplier, and the ability to build anywhere. So how does it work?  

I’ve activated it, what happens now?

Once you’re in creative mode, you’ll automatically equip the new construction hammer and be good to go. You can find all the details about the building revamp in a previous article. When you build in Creative Mode, there are no material costs, and you have access to every building piece and placeable in the base game and any DLC you own.  

When you activate Creative Mode, you effectively freeze survival mechanics and your own progression. You take no damage, you don’t gain experience, and when you exit the mode, your learned recipes return to what you had before you activated it.  

Not every hammer is used to break.

Double tap the jump button and take to the sky, completing your journey to the apex of builderdom. And don’t forget that you can hold the sprint button while flying too, to really zoom around. Flight controls have also been tightened up overall to ensure a pleasant flight with ConanAir.  

When you’re flying, it’s considerably easier to build tall structures, along cliff edges or up in mighty trees. You not only get a great overview of what you’re building but can also reach clunky places more easily and don’t run the risk of blocking your own placements with your body in confined spaces.  

It’s also much easier to create the right building patterns with your foundations when flying around in Creative Mode. Because Conan Exiles uses a mix of triangles and squares you can get stuck with constructions where no piece will fit and you end up with gaps in your beautiful castle or stronghold. If you fly and lay down foundations for your whole base first, you can avoid having to rebuild much later.    

No longer bound to the earth, I am the construction worker’s final form. I do not concern myself with the petty squabbles of lesser beings. I am a builder of cities. A creator. A GOLDEN GO – wait where are you going?

Besides making you really good at building, Creative Mode may give you a god complex, but that’s a risk we’re willing to take. Combined with the building revamp, building is both faster and more fun.  

Picture this: You and your friends start off by taking some time building two huge cities, then you open the server to the public to populate them. Maybe you split into two clans, and besiege each other, or simply let people explore. In creative mode, you can completely change the face of the Exiled Lands and make it yours.  

There are so many possibilities, and we’re constantly amazed by the imagination and creativity we see from the community, so we’re really hyped to put this tool in your hands.  

Keep your eye on our channels as we’ll be releasing more details on Age of Sorcery 

Stay Alive, Exiles  

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