Conan Exiles is Free This Weekend!

Huzzah! Conan Exiles is free on Steam from Thursday March 7th until Sunday March 11th! With the recent balance update, performance optimizations, the new VOIP and the rest of the changes we’ve rolled out, we felt there couldn’t be a better time to get into Conan Exiles. If you like the game and decide to buy it, you can get it for 50% off!

We’re expecting an influx of new players during the weekend. If you’re a regular player, give the newbies a warm welcome. Help them out. Show them the ropes.

And if you’re just now starting out on your journey through the Exiled Lands, we wish you welcome and hope you have a good time out there. Take things at your own pace and remember to watch out for the giant spiders.

New Things Have Come to Light

It’s exciting times over here at the Funcom office. We recently rolled out a huge patch for Conan Exiles with a massive amount of quality of life changes, gameplay updates, bug fixes, performance updates and and optimizations. New types of Purges have been added, a new world boss can now be found roaming the Frozen North, we rebalanced several gameplay areas and added in a completely new VOIP system (with mouth movements!)

This patch also added in more content for high level players. The Unnamed City has more challenging enemies and bosses, and you can now earn additional feat points by completing a certain task.

We’re continuously striving to improve the game in several ways. Our main focus recently has been to improve critical bugs and issues reported by the community, while also adding in new minor mechanics and gameplay elements to keep the game fresh.

Patches on Patches on Patches

Since leaving Early Access in May 2018, we have released 34 major patches to introduce new game mechanics or features to Conan Exiles. In addition to those we have released 55 other patches and hotfixes with bug fixes and quality of life updates. That’s a little over 1 patch a week on average!

You can find a full archive of all our patch notes over on our forums.

Over the course of these two years we’ve added the following features and mechanics to the game:

  • Dyeing clothes and armor
  • Trebuchets and explosive orbs to use as siege and raiding weapons, with traps to defend against raiding warriors
  • Five new dungeons: The Dregs, The Black Keep, The Well of Skelos, the Palace of the Witch Queen and The Midnight Grove
  • 50+ emotes, which includes dances
  • Hundreds of new placeables
  • Avatar defenses
  • A full, free-form climbing system
  • Three new biomes: The Frozen North, The Swamp and The Volcano
  • Temperature and weather system
  • Thrall equipment
  • Weapon and Armor modifications
  • Hundreds of new weapons, armor pieces, player animations and crafting recipes
  • Full revamp of the game’s melee and ranged combat systems
  • Fast Travel
  • Farming
  • Warpaint, both aesthetic and as Attribute boosters
  • The Purge, enemy NPCs that will attack your settlements
  • Three new religions and god avatars: Ymir, Derketo and Jhebbal Sag
  • A Pets system so you can tame the wild beasts of the Exiled Lands
  • A feature for automatically downloading mods
  • A new Katana weapon archetype
  • New and improved VOIP with mouth movements when talking
  • An Item Disassembler that allows you to break down certain items into resources, opening up a new kind of playstyle
  • New Alpha Monsters, special mini-bosses with unique loot
  • 30 named mini-bosses that carry unique loot and have a chance to spawn across the map
  • Full revamp of the Unnamed City, with more unique enemies, loot
  • Re-balanced loot drop when fighting NPCs

In addition, we’ve also rolled out 4 DLC packs based on the different Hyborian cultures. These add even more building pieces, weapons and armor, new placeables and pet skins:

  • The Imperial East Pack
  • Jewel of the West Pack
  • The Savage Frontier Pack
  • Seekers of the Dawn Pack

New Key Art

We decided to give the game’s key art a bit of an overhaul, to better represent the game’s mechanics and content. Shoutout to Jakob, the amazing artist who made it for us.

Here’s to a fantastic weekend with Conan Exiles!

Your cross awaits,

The Conan Exiles Dev Team

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