APRIL FOOLS: The Night of Lost Souls Returns – And this time it’ll be even more lost!

Another night descends on the Exiled Lands. Will you survive this year’s harvest? 

People ask us all the time if we’re going to do more seasonal events, and what’s more seasonal than a re-run?  

Re-runs are great because you get to re-experience something! 

It is once again time for the spirits of the dead to return to the Exiled Lands. Today, April 1st, The Night of Lost Souls is coming around once again and this time it’s even grimmer, lost-er and night-ier than before!  

Love it or hate it, we got a lot of really valuable feedback from the last time the Night of Lost Souls rolled around, and we’ve taken that feedback into consideration with this second attempt. We’re sure we got it right this time! 

“For an Easter event, shouldn’t you do something Easter-y,” you might say. 

Obviously, you haven’t heard of “Påskekrim”, a Norwegian Easter tradition. During Easter we watch a bunch of crime and mystery shows during the Easter Holidays. We thought The Night of Lost Souls would be the perfect backdrop to give the game that crime-y atmosphere.  

Only Easter isn’t just about consuming crime shows and novels. It’s also about consuming treats and goodies found in tiny containers hidden around the environment. So, we decided to up the amount of meteors, to a near constant rainfall of those purple, soft-glowing rocks. It’s like an Easter egg hunt, except everyone gets a prize!  

Loot will be in abundance now that the Night of Lost Souls has returned! To counteract the amount of light being generated by the insane amount of purple rocks falling from the skies, we’ve decided to tone down the ambient light. Night, which – in case you didn’t know – will be all the time, is now much darker than before, but fear not! It will be incessantly lit by all the falling meteors anyway, so the difference probably won’t be noticeable. We think.  

 See you in two weeks when we patch it back out! 

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