The Final Stretch Begins

Dear exiles,

We are now in the final stretch of our Early Access journey, which began back in January of 2017. It’s been quite the year for us here at Funcom and we’re incredibly proud of the work that’s been done. We are also thankful to you, our community, for sticking with us through the highs and lows, and helping us make Conan Exiles an excellent survival game by providing us with necessary and helpful feedback and bug reports.

After weeks of Testlive updates and trials we have updated the live PC and Xbox One versions of the game. We’ve added a lot of new content since December and we want players to test it out, provide us with feedback, and send us bug reports. Now that we’re in the final stretch we are focusing exclusively on stability, performance and optimization. To make sure we fix the most important bugs first we need a broader sample set than what the Testlive branch can provide. This means that the version(s) you’ll be playing on until launch may be less stable than what you are used to. However, keep in mind that we get an automatic crash report with details whenever the game crashes. These reports as classified and grouped together so we can see which crashes occur the most and prioritize accordingly.

As you can see from the image above, a relatively few number of crashes are responsible for a big majority of the total crashes. The first five in this chart should all be fixed in the new live version.

Our primary source of feedback will be the new official forums, but we will also collect some feedback and bug reports from our subreddit, Facebook and Twitter, and the unofficial fan Discord.

We also want to remind players that the official servers will be wiped for launch. That means we’ll be deleting everything and starting them up fresh, with clean databases. We’re doing this to make sure all players, both new and returning, start on an equal footing. This will also help us clear out any lingering bugs and errors from the server databases.

So what’s new?

Since December we’ve added hundreds of new weapons and armor pieces and we’ve changed how you unlock these as you progress. There’s more information in this blog post. Armor pieces also give you bonuses to your Attributes, giving you more options when building a character to fit your style of gameplay. You can also unlock special Legendary Armor (see blog post linked to above) and find Legendary Weapons out in the Exiled Lands.

There are new building pieces, further expanding the building system and letting players be more creative when creating their fortresses and castles. Once the Swamp biome rolls out you’ll even be able to build in and around tall trees!

If PvE is your thing we’ve added more dungeons to the world and special World Bosses, bigger and stronger versions of regular enemies that will give players a significant challenge. Do you have what it takes to take down these giants?

New features have been added since November. Players can now fast travel to specific points in the world via a buildable item we call the Map Room. The recipe for the Map Room can be found out in the Exiled Lands, hidden away among the ruins of the past. We’ve revamped the entire combat system from the ground up, making it more tactical and brutal. Each weapon feels distinct and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Farming has been added, letting players grow crops that they can then use in crafting.

Finally, we added The Purge, closing the PvE loop for players. When a Purge begins, enemy NPCs will spawn in to attack your base and destroy your stuff. It’s up to you to fight with all your might to defeat these attackers and force them back from your territory. Keep an eye on the Purge meter in your character screen so you know when the next Purge might strike.

The only thing not in these build(s) are the new Swamp and Volcano biomes. They are still being polished for launch, so we can make sure everything in those areas run as smoothly as possible. Don’t worry, it will be worth the wait, and there’s more than enough content to keep you occupied.

Please enjoy this new update to Conan Exiles and all the content and changes we’ve added. Remember to provide us with as much feedback as you can.

Your cross awaits, exiles

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