Update 36 – The Warmaker’s Sanctuary, Community Paintings, Population Revamps

Dear exiles, 

It is our great honor to introduce the next free update to Conan Exiles! Update 36 adds a whole new dungeon, continues our population revamp, and makes significant changes to things like Temperature, Attributes and weapon stats!

Finally, we’re adding a couple of hidden secrets and easter eggs that we think you’ll enjoy, and paintings inspired by the winners of our building contest 

We’re incredibly proud of the work that the team put into this patch and we hope you enjoy the new content.

This update is currently only available on PC, but it will be rolled out to consoles as soon as possible. For the full patch notes of all the changes made, head on over to our forums. 

New dungeon: The Warmaker’s Sanctuary 

This update’s main feature, its pièce de résistance, is the new Warmaker’s Sanctuary. This ancient sanctuary is now open for intrepid adventurers to explore and inside you will face some of the most dangerous enemies ever encountered in Conan Exiles. This location is meant for the mightiest of adventurers and should not be taken lightly. 

After battling your way through Klael’s Stronghold you will eventually come face to face with the Warmaker’s Champion, who wields a massive hammer ready to knock your skull loose from its fleshy meat cage.  

Conan Exiles

For your efforts in traversing the Warmaker’s Sanctuary you will be rewarded with new recipes and some incredibly cool and powerful weapons. 

Craft special paintings made by members of the community 

Back in April we kicked off a building contest for members of the Conan Exiles community. We tasked players with interpreting and recreating famous buildings from either the real world or from fiction in the game. 

We got some truly amazing entries, and in the end we, chose one grand prize winner and 9 runners up. Their entries have now been made into special paintings that can be crafted by all players and hung on any wall of your choosing. Nothing like a bit of art to spruce up a desert shelter made from weathered stone!

Population revamp continues 

There’s been an ongoing effort to give an overhaul to various locations in Conan Exiles. If you’re familiar with these places, you’ll notice some differences from before. We’ve added new NPCs, different types of loot, new recipes, and some additional, visual, accoutrements to everything from caves and NPC encampments to the larger capital cities. 

In this patch we’ve adjusted and made changes to the following locations: 

  • The Mounds of the Dead 
  • Bin-Yakin’s Seal 
  • Buccaneer’s Bay 
  • Executioner’s Entrance 
  • Hanuman’s Grotto 
  • Jhil’s Roost 
  • King’s Niche 
  • Lockstone Cave 
  • Scuttler’s Shortcut 
  • Sinner’s Refuge 
  • Skittering Cavern 
  • The Black Galleon 
  • The Den 
  • Xalthar’s Refuge

Temperature System Changes 

We’ve reworked and improved the game’s temperature system to make it more consistent and easier to read. Changes also include how effects are stacked and telegraphed to you. 

  • Temperature damages were changed from percentage of maximum health to a fixed amount 
  • Food and Drinks granting heating and/or chilling buffs now have tags to indicate what sort of buffs they grant 
  • Keeping a neutral body temperature (between cold and hot) now grants the Soothing health regeneration buff 
  • Temperature buffs no longer stack, but replace each other. Except for Water Cooling, which doesn’t replace, but stacks 
  • Temperature debuffs cannot override or be overriden by temperature buffs 
  • Drinking water provides a Water Cooling effect instead of Cooling Down 

Attribute Changes 

The Survival and Agility Attributes have been overhauled to make them a little more viable when setting up your character’s stats. Survival will now grant you protection against negative effects like Bleeding, Poison, Crippple and Sunder. You also get more armor points per Agility Stat, and the Accuracy Attribute is more powerful. 

Here is the full list of Attribute changes: 

  • Survival now gives a reduction of 1.2% per stat point to number of ticks from negative effects (bleeding, poison, cripple, sunder). Survival also affects debuffs from Heated Argument and Coldsnap and Frigid Bite 
  • Agility now grants 4 points of armor per stat point instead of 2. Also – the first perk from Agility grants more stamina reduction for sprinting than before. 
  • Accuracy 40 perk has been reworked. It no longer grants a modifier to a weapons armor penetration. Instead, it grants a flat +30% armor penetration to attacks, greatly increasing it’s power. 

We hope you enjoy everything we’re adding in this update. 

Your cross awaits 

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